SmartHint Partnership Program

It is focused on e-Commerce Platforms, however, any company or e-Commerce independent consulting professional can subscribe in the program.

The Partner is considered a sales agent and his role is to indicate our solution to his costumers (or other interested companies).

Program advantages

-Free access;
-Power up your Company with additional recurring revenues. A smart and reliable solution strengthens the relationship with your customers;
-You just indicate the customer and there's nothing else to do. It's easy and quick.

Sign up

The program steps are:

  1. Contact us.
  2. After our analysis and approval, you will receive your Partnership Code.
  3. Indicate the SmartHint to your customers and sign up using your Partner Code.
  4. Receive commissions! The commission generated by the payments is forwarded to the partnership after the customer payment confirmation. Take out your money whenever you wish (Respect the minimum value $50).

Partner Reward

First year: 15% of total value paid based on the indicated customer.
Second year: 7,5% of total value paid based on the indicated customer.

You indicated 10 customers and all of them hired the SmartHint Plus Plan.
Monthly fee is $190 by customer.
The total monthly fee paid by 10 customers was $1.900.
The commission monthly fee from 10 customers: $285.
Yearly fee received by 10 customers indicated: $3.420.

Become a SmartHint Partner


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