People all over the world buy gifts on Valentine’s Day. Since the holiday it not beyond mountains, it’s high time to prepare your e-commerce store for that special day. In the previous year, the revenue from Valentine’s Day sales bit the record of $19.5 billion in the USA. Besides traditional gifts like flowers and chocolate, people also buy various items for a romantic day, such as fashion goods and even pets.

Overall, any holiday that requires present giving is a splendid chance for an e-commerce website and Valentine’s Day isn’t an exception. Taking into consideration that each person is about to spend almost $100-$200 for their dear ones, then the total amount spent on gifts will reach to astronomical numbers. Therefore, many startups finally come to the idea that their online store needs a recommendation engine.

Consequently, if any item that you sell is somehow related to Valentine’s day, then you shouldn’t miss your chance of building a furor on your e-commerce store. In order to have a prepared marketplace and website, we suggest some helpful tips to think about. In this article, we will touch upon 10 tactics for encouraging your e-commerce sales.

1. Creating Valentine’s themed content

Generally, content marketing requires a lot of effort and time, however, you can use it for Valentine’s Day marketing. Usually, a blog or any social media platform is enough to extend Valentine’s Day content.

Therefore, it is recommended to be prepared for the questions and challenges that may arise to your customers. You may find a link between Valentine’s Day gift guide and the products you sell, then add a blog post on dating ideas, create a video of making some delicious sweets for your beloved one and that’s all. It is not necessary to promote your holiday-related content items directly, but take care that it had some connection with what you sell. You can do a lot of things to create Valentine-themed content, like providing useful content to potential buyers, inviting new visitors, improving Valentine’s Day campaign.

What refers to the campaign, it will be just awesome to spread awareness about your brand or online store on social media thus gaining more visitors and followers. Meanwhile, social media is a great platform to bring organic engagement and useful conversations. In this regard, a series of polls or contests are good for testing the user engagement.

You may start a contest or poll on Facebook, attaching a special offer for the products you sell related to Valentine. It will encourage the sales and sign-ups bringing more engagement to your e-commerce store.

Likewise, content really matters when speaking about Valentine. Another interesting example is the cooperation of Starbucks and Match.com on Valentine’s Day, in 2015. The base for this partnership was Match’s data finding out that three million of its members consider “coffee and conversation” one of their favorite interests.

Thus, these two companies started an interesting campaign, helping people find each other and have a cup of coffee with each other. All that was done thanks to the app feature Meet at Starbucks. The feature allowed the users to send an email to those people, whom they might like and find a Starbucks location for the meeting.

On the other hand, you may use content just for writing about Valentine’s Day blog posts and get users engaged in this way as well. For example, if it is a beauty store, you may offer tips for easy make-up for Valentine’s Day dating. Similarly, if it’s a candy’s online store, you may suggest heart-shaped doughnuts or candies and so on.

2. Creating a romantic look for the storefront

While getting prepared for any holiday, the first thing that passes through the shop owners’ mind, is the front page design of their website. Therefore, you had better decorate your storefront according to the spirits of Valentine’s Day and enhance the users to turn into real customers. In case you handle the job of creating an eye-catching design layout, you will have increased buying experience and will provide the feeling of the romantic holiday.

You may welcome your visitors with a coupon pop-up, appearing as soon as the user visits your website. Afterward, you should impress them with capturing Valentine images and a captivating message.

Another useful strategy to use for Valentine is the landing page design. Use Valentine-themed colors, i.e. like red, pink mixed with white on the landing page of your online store. Also, pay attention to the “hero image” you use on that page. Some stores choose very simple, yet beautiful ways of landing page design. For example, Coach has avoided extra colors and texts, just adding a “hero image” of a red bag with a red background. No extra words, nothing to complicate the page, yet so eye-catching and impressive.

Another important tool for Valentine’s Day e-commerce is a homepage banner added to the slider. You may also suggest some contests or promotions for Valentine’s Day since the majority of users will notice your banner and would be interested to know what is trendy on your store.

3. Highlighting and identifying Valentine’s related products

Before adding any product to your Valentine’s marketing ideas, check the relevancy of your product to the theme. Try to identify which of your products is gift-worthy on Valentine’s Day, then highlight them.

We may recommend you creating graphics and copying it on your homepage or on other corresponding pages of your site. This is one of the best tactics to highlight the Valentine-related items on your e-commerce store and suggesting a good choice for anyone who will visit your online store in searches of Valentine gifts.

In that way, you will make the process of buying presents easier for people since all your options are visible and it stays to click and buy.

4. Engaging shoppers with Valentine’s promotions

One of the best e-commerce tactics is engaging your visitors with holiday-related promotions.

Generally, people use sales promotion, as it is one of the most efficient ones, but there are other options as well, that may work for your business. For instance, you may take into account free shipping, a dollar’s discount, free wrapping and so on.

For example, an easy and useful way of boosting your sales on this holiday are Facebook advertisements. They have an advantage over other ads due to the opportunity of targeting your audience. You can choose the relationship status, gender, and age of your customers. You may also use these ads for promoting discounts, shipping options and so on.

Another great way of promotion is Twitter hashtags. They give you a chance to track how many people share your campaign via the hashtag. It is recommended to use them in questions, instead of throwing them out randomly.

You may present customers with a Valentine-themed promotion like exclusions, order thresholds, and a valuable incentive for buying or any other methods for enhancing purchase. It is a proven fact that pop-ups and banner messages increase conversion rates during shopping on Valentine’s Day.

Moreover, you can ask your Instagram followers to post images of Valentine’s Day dessert using your hashtag to participate in a contest. Besides, you may also use themed promotion like order thresholds, exclusions, etc.

Google ads are a strong marketing opportunity, and as a result of them, you can boost your site traffic and sales. They give a wonderful chance to draw attention regardless of your budget. Your website may appear in the Google search results and bring traffic. It is pay-per-click marketing and you pay only for a visit on your website.

The statistics show that pop-ups and banner messages provide higher conversion rates during the Valentine’s Day shopping.

5. E-commerce Personalization

Nowadays e-commerce personalization is an essential part of any online business. By using e-commerce personalization, you can meet the customer’s tastes and preferences easily, providing ongoing interactions with consumers. The opportunity to create personalized experience via a recommendation system for your customers will grow, as the interactions increase. Among all have-been marketing campaigns, e-commerce personalization stands out, since almost 90% of customers are more likely to buy from retailers using personalized content for them.

6. Offering Valentine’s Day specials

We all like good deals when shopping. It especially works on Valentine’s Day, as a lot of people are searching for gifts that look expensive, but don’t cost much in reality. Thus, give your customers the chance of buying what they want without spending huge amounts of money. You had better suggest them high-quality products that will look great. You may promote the specials on your most visited pages, send the offer to subscribers and on other pages of your site. Note, that your specials should be time-sensitive and to encourage the buyers to do the purchase faster instead of postponing it for later.

7. Marketing for mobile shoppers

According to Bing’s data, 50% of all Valentine’s Day e-commerce searches are from mobile devices, so your website should be convenient for mobile users as well.

Mobile shopping optimization is of great importance for a site since it helps them to be available on mobile devices and enhance buyer experience.

It is necessary to make your website mobile-friendly in order not to lose potential buyers conditioned with the bad user experience. Today 50% of web traffic comes from mobile devices, so ignoring mobile experience means missing out plenty of sales.

Furthermore, pay attention to both early planners and last-minute impulse buyers. Be ascertain that your campaigns develop different digital points for the customer’s purchasing journey started with mobile. Make sure your website’s responsiveness is high, it quickly loads and content quality is good.

8. Giveaway

Another useful way of supporting your Valentine’s Day campaign is a giveaway. Even if there are people who are not inclined to buying, they can participate in your giveaway. As a result, you obtain new emails and generate buzz on Social Media.

Generally, giveaways are more popular on Facebook. The reason is that they are easy for running, for taking part and for selecting a winner.

All you need to do is just publishing a post, announcing about the giveaway and explaining the terms. Subsequently, the followers are supposed to comment on the post, for instance, telling everyone the best Valentine’s Day gift they have received. It is a great method for boosting your awareness on Facebook and increasing your Facebook engagement. Moreover, people will share your page thus bringing more popularity to your website. As soon as the giveaway is over, use a relevant application to choose the winner randomly.

9. Offering free affordable gift wrapping

It goes without saying that everybody wants to make surprises on Valentine’s Day. That is why offering anonymous present delivery and present wrapping is a smart way to show much you care about your customers.

Moreover, a lot of e-commerce stores let the customer choose the wrapping design and add a greeting card in the package. It will be one of the most captivating Valentine’s marketing ideas relevant to any e-commerce store. This tactic will be a real “helping hand” in increasing your customer engagement.

10. Don’t ignore single people

The statistics show that nearly 50% of consumers don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. Instead of strictly promoting Valentine’s Day gifts for a concrete segment, mix some content referring to those who are single. You should inspire single shoppers to treat themselves and suggest discounts for them. As far as it is difficult to differentiate the relationship status of the customers, you may always include a few single-focused emails in your campaigns. It is recommended to wait until February 13 or 14 to provide messaging catering to this kind of audience.

Overall, there exist numerous Valentine’s Day marketing ideas that will help you advance your sales campaign, but not all of them are practical. Furthermore, some of them are not cost-effective for e-commerce websites. Thus, we included some helpful tactics in this article to be as useful as possible on the threshold of the holiday of love.

To conclude, it doesn’t matter whether you sell sweets and flowers or something else, you may turn Valentine’s Day into a successful period for your e-commerce store. Thus, you had better build your marketing campaign with the credo; different items to different buyers. Anything you sell, may somehow be connected with Valentine’s Day, be it a romantic item or a self-care product, you can find a meaningful connection between the items you sell and the items required for this special occasion.


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