10 Reasons Your Online Store Isn’t Performing Well

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10 Reasons Your Online Store Isn’t Performing Well

E-commerce is one of the top-notch beneficial industries nowadays. Getting into it, you will have a fantastic opportunity to gain big revenue with little resources. However, not all business builders grasp the gist of the online store immediately, which leads to many breakdowns until they start learning everything on their mistakes.

Therefore, here we have singled out 10 reasons which may cause your online store work with disruption. Let’s touch upon them separately.

1. Bad first impression

It goes without saying that the first impression matters in all fields. Even in the e-commerce industry, a bad first impression can be troublesome for the business owner. The reasons for bad impression can be numerous started from the website design and navigation finished with the absence of contact information or discounts.

To make your online store stand out from the rest, you should avoid the mistakes that other online retailers do, so be prepared for all possible mistakes.

  • Navigation

Another reason why your website may not perform well is poor navigation.

Thus, having an online store that uses small buttons or poor product images, a cluttered design that makes the navigation suffer isn’t encouraged. People are inclined to leave your online store as soon as they notice poor navigation.

When speaking about websites, navigation plays the role of the road map. It directs visitors to all the different sections and information in the website. Good and clear navigation provides visitors with good experience and makes them stay longer, which helps to grow better.

So make sure your store is multi-device responsive with big images and buttons. For instance, Google suggests at least 48 pixels for tap buttons and targets.

  • Contact information

Another important issue to consider is contact information. At first sight, contact information may seem a minor detail for a website, but it plays a significant role in providing a better customer experience. Missing contact information is a red flag for customers. When entering into a website they presume to reach you if needed. Limiting their access to your location information or a phone number, you lose their trust in your brand.

2. Your site isn’t SEO optimized

Of course, every entrepreneur wants to rank higher on Google than his competitors. But running an online store and not using SEO tips and tricks will take your e-commerce nowhere.
There are a few simple steps that will help you make your new or existing store SEO-friendly. Let’s check them here:

  • Do research

With keyword research and competitor research, you will be able to optimize the most important pages of your website.

  • Identify current problems

After research, the second step is fixing the errors your store has, making it run more fluently.

  • Add blog content

A blog is a great means for ranking for necessary keywords. You can optimize each blog for a keyword but never stuff it. Hence, you will need experienced writers to provide high quality and SEO-friendly blog posts for your website.

There are a lot of ways of optimizing your website for SEO, so it’s up to you which ones are applicable to your website.

Online Store Ecommerce website

3. Poor product images

When operating an online store, you should always remember that the customer isn’t able to pick up your product and inspect it. Therefore, you should provide quality images from various angles, to enable the customer to thoroughly understand what you are selling.

Poor product images with technical descriptions are sentenced to failure since they don’t generate any interest.
You should state that quality images depicting your product with all possible angles will considerably increase the interest in customers.

4. The checkout process is difficult

It’s not a secret that a complex checkout process is frustrating. It leads to bad customer experience making them never come back. A short and well-organized checkout process will ease the situation, increase your store conversion rates and drive more sales and revenue.

Many customers get nervous even when you require registration while checkout process, so you can add guest checkout option into your website if you don’t want to lose them. Furthermore, they may complete the checkout process and only after that save their information by registering.

Customer experience

5. Hidden shipping options

People abandon numerous carts online everyday conditioned with hidden shipping costs which show up only at the end of the checkout process. They do this since shipping rates are too high and they are not willing to pay such rates.

According to statistics, 75% of customers abandon their shopping cart and 55% does it because of shipping. The main shipping related issue is hidden shipping rates or too high rates.

Generally, shipping rates are the top reason people leave the shopping cart page. So online retailers have developed various strategies to eliminate this barrier between them and customers. One of these strategies is making shipping free or at least by annual membership.

6. Ignoring mobile users

Taking into account the fact that 50% of online traffic comes from mobile users, ignoring mobile in this e-commerce-driven world would be a failure in acknowledging the present and future of e-commerce. People nowadays use mobile and tablets to shop online as their primary device.

Ecommerce mistakes

Moreover, the stats show that 40$ of users have moved to competitor’s page because of bad mobile experience and 84% have had difficulty in doing a mobile transaction.

Thus, if you want to gain more conversion rates and increase sales of your website, make your website mobile-friendly.

7. Ignoring promotions

Another important point to take into account is never forgetting about promotions. It doesn’t matter what kind of products or services you offer, without proper promotion you will go nowhere.

In general, you may use various channels for promotion, such as email marketing, social media, Google ads Facebook ads and more.

For instance, Google suggests Google Display Network, Google Search Network, and the YouTube Network where your ads can appear. It already depends on your website strategy and objectives and also the target audience you want to engage.
And finally, it’s up to you and your budget which one of the discussed channels to choose to start promoting your website.

8. You’re targeting the wrong audience

When speaking about building an online store, the first thing to consider is the time and money we have to spend. Often they are not enough to build a well-performing store with the right group of customers. Even with good content marketing and advertisements, you may not get the desired benefit.

If you have invested a lot of money and efforts in your business, but it still refuses to make a profit, then make sure to conduct research and target the right audience.

The first thing you should do in this respect is answering the following questions:

  • Who’s my target audience?
  • What do they want?
  • What are their needs that aren’t met yet?

Even without hard data about your customers, you’ll still be able to understand their needs and adjust accordingly. Here are a few steps to follow for finding the required target audience:

  • Talk to people

With this simple step, you’ll learn whether you have chosen the right target audience or not. There are numerous cases when assumptions of companies about the target audience are different from the relevant ones. So they have to change course. It’s called a pivot in Lean Startup Methodology.
Multiple famous companies like Paypal have faced a pivot.

  • Do a customer survey

The best way to understand the needs of your paying customers is by surveying them. It’s not necessary to survey all of them, just 20 people are enough to identify necessary changes.

Furthermore, with a remarketing strategy, you can connect with visitors to your website. With this strategy, you may position target ads for a defined audience. This is also a brand awareness method, which targets specific people or potential buyers.

Nowadays two main channels are used for remarketing; Facebook and Google. However, third-party platforms like Adroll and Retargeter are also used.


9. Underestimating product recommendations

Today one of the most widely used and effective technologies enhancements are product recommendations. With their usage, you can make relevant recommendations to your customers tailored to their needs and requirements.

Even the simplest recommender engine will be able to satisfy your customers reducing their time and efforts spent on searches. Recommendation engines are one of the most essential techniques used in e-commerce recently and their role is enormous for understanding the customer needs and meeting them to the fullest extent.

Consequently, underestimating product recommendations won’t be a smart decision by an online store owner since it provides a better customer experience.

10. Wrong pricing policy

Another keen point in online store bad performance is the wrong pricing. Actually, it’s one of the toughest issues that are difficult to handle. For instance, when you place a low price, customers consider your products of low quality, if you place prices higher, they switch to another shop.

Ecommerce mistakes

If we consider the tax and shipping factors too, then the pricing policy is far too challenging. To find the average gold price you should turn to the help of market research to determine the pricing policy. Only after proper market research, you’ll be able to understand your customer needs and will increase your website ROI thanks to reasonable pricing policy.


To sum up, we should add that keeping the above-discussed points in mind, you will minimize the risk of making vital mistakes that will cause your online store to perform badly. Moreover, market research and awareness of the industry will enhance your store to stand out from the crowd and suggest quality products and services at reasonable prices.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t ignore promotions, mobile users, and recommendation engines, since their role is also crucial in your website good performance. By taking into account the mentioned points you will increasingly improve your website performance taking it to another level.

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