Counted days are left before the bells will herald the end of 2018 and we will welcome the New Year. With two weeks left, there is so much to do; e.g. gifts to buy, tables to book in restaurants, tickets to buy for traveling and everybody is short of time.

That is where e-commerce enjoys its fullest engagement in holidays and boasts with driving more than 30% revenue during November and December compared to other months in 2017. It is possible thanks to the e-commerce product recommendations uses during holidays, but let’s start from the beginning.

Know Your E-commerce Calendar

E-commerce sales hit their peak from October (Halloween) and end in December. The other holidays as Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Green Monday compose the lion part of the e-commerce sales.

People get prepared for these holidays a few weeks ago, that is why any appropriate e-commerce store should be holiday-ready. And it’s not only about sales and discounts, but also other factors that matter a lot. Any online store is eager to increase the conversions and traffic during holidays, so they should use relevant marketing tools to get the desired results. Using proper recommendation engines helps the store to guide the consumer and meet their needs.

With the help of well-developed strategies and e-commerce recommendation engines, an online store may get higher revenue in two months than during the whole year. That’s why we have selected a few marketing tactics, which combined with good product recommendations, will help you benefit from the season holidays in a smart and honest way.

Thus, if you want to have a good income this year, keep on reading to learn how to boost your e-commerce sales via a few simple tools.

Personalized Recommendation Engine

Check How Your Website is Working

First of all, you should have a good working online store. Getting your store holiday-ready will enhance your benefits faster than you expected. Technical issues like slow loading or failing to work correctly may result in losing e-commerce sales. Thereby, get ready to confront heavy traffic and test the capacity of your server load. Otherwise, it’s a matter of seconds for the customer to jump from your store to the competitor’s site.

Below are listed a few tips to take into consideration:

  1. Utilizing new hardware or software beforehand.
  2. Checking the website working quality with users.
  3. Checking SSL certificate expiration date and validity.
  4. Making sure you are prepared for the proper bandwidth.

By running these stress tests, you will optimize your online store and will be ready to get more consumers by product recommendations for e-commerce uses. And most importantly, you will increase your sales.

Set-up Your Marketing

Social media plays a crucial role in marketing. Nowadays, it’s easier to get the targeted audience thanks to a number of tactics. For instance, Instagram has 0.5 million active users per day, which makes it one of the top growing apps. It combines brands, consumers and influencers in one platform. It will take a few minutes to get traffic from Instagram if you use the right techniques.

Compelling photos, strategic hashtags, and posts relevant to the season and holidays will build a big army of Instagram followers for your brand. Being engaged with your Instagram followers is the key to your organic Insta presence.

Facebook is another social media giant that will help you get traffic to your website. Besides, recommendation engines are working well here and your consumers will be aware of your discounts on their favorite products without even looking for it.

It’s high time to speak about social ads that work perfectly well on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. It is enough to create an interesting Christmas GIF and target it to the desired audience. Furthermore, contests work well here as well. With a simple present from your store, you will get greater traffic without putting any major effort.

Google Ads is a great source of sales generation. In case you have Christmas dedicated deals, your ads’ quality score will go up during the Christmas season. Consequently, your ads will get more attention with no additional expenses. The quality of your ads is significant too. In case you want your ads to go viral, you should be attentive to the techniques you use for your ads.

For instance, a number of online stores use generic terms while advertising to get more targeted visitors, such as:

  • Gifts for girls/boys/toddlers.
  • Types of toys (educational, building, construction, etc).

Email Marketing

Another effective way of generating sales and gaining customers is email marketing. Approximately 17% of digital marketing occurs in an email, as it is said in a study carried out by Forrester Research in 2015. It is not accidental since, by 2017, there were almost 3.7 billion email users worldwide. Another advantage of email marketing is that you will be able to say things that are not appropriate for a social media post. For example, you may suggest greater discounts to highest-value customers compared to new ones.

In order to start your email marketing, you should actively promote your blog, newsletter and whatever it is to get subscribers. However, it is not enough just collecting a bunch of email addresses. The second step is sending regular, but valuable emails in bulk. Only after you can start creating a more personalized approach, but segmenting your subscribers into special target groups. Make sure to schedule your emails and have constant communication with your customers all the way up until Christmas. The last email should be focused on Christmas sales and offers.

The time of sending emails is also important, so pay attention to the timing as well. Consider the following tips:

  • Request feedback when someone visits your website but doesn’t buy anything. You may ask what you can improve on your website and how much they enjoyed their experience.
  • Appreciate your highest-value consumers. You may do this by sending a personal note of appreciation and offer a special discount code.
  • Send a welcoming email after purchase.
  • Send discounts, company news, newsletters, and coupon codes.
  • Share useful content to help consumers use their purchase to the fullest extent.

Personalized Product Recommendations

According to Boston Consulting Group (BCG), due to personalization, it is quite possible to lift the sales up to 10%. Nevertheless, although the chances are higher, fewer companies use this technology to the fullest extent. Based on their previous preferences, actions, and choices, visitors get personalized assistance, which is done by using their behavioural data. Product recommendation engines do their job here, suggesting the most viewed and most wanted products by the visitor.

Prepare Bundles of Special Offer and Discounts

It’s up to you how to reward your customers and for what actions. You may create their own point-based currency that can be redeemed for free shipping, free gifts, and discounts. Customers will be motivated by receiving special offers. Targeting customers within your e-commerce store by making them spend more time on your website will help drive more sales.

The recommendation system is a solution. In result of uses of product recommendation systems, these special offers will become more engaging for the consumers. Don’t forget to notify subscribers about new discounts and sales via your chosen communication platform.

Christmas Product Recommendation Engine

Decrease Abandoned Cart Rates

It’s not a secret that you lose your money every time the consumer abandons the cart without purchase. Thus, you should use all possible techniques to bring the customer back. As the Baymard Institute states, almost 69.23% of carts are abandoned. One of the trusted methods is reminding the customer about the abandoned purchase. Besides, it is advisable to use Christmas discounts or reward a free shipping to get the customer back. A simple, yet effective way of reducing abandoned carts is the email recovery campaign and SMS marketing campaign. Give your customer a direct link to their cart to make the experience even more enjoyable. This step will make the customer come back and complete the purchase.

Ease the Shopping Process

Help your customers find what they want quickly and without constant worry. An unattractive website with poor design will get your customers nervous. The store may suffer from a hard-to-read font and bad navigation, resulting in a lack of customers. Even if these dimensions are correct, you may have a few design mistakes, such as putting too many products on a single page.

Also, the balance between text and visual images should be kept. Thus, be sure that your website contains all necessary images and teasers about the Christmas time.

Boosting your e-commerce sales during Christmas is easier than during the rest of the year. The reason is that the majority of shopping is done online and that is where the online stores should do their best to get the most out of holidays. Also, the holiday season of this period is the longest one, starting from October and ending in December. From the other hand, e-commerce product recommendation uses help the customers to get their desired products easier and faster.

Thus, considering that the majority of people do their purchase online during holidays to avoid inconveniences and stresses, it’s the perfect time to boost your e-commerce sales.


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