Find out how Francisca Joias accelerated the purchase decision and the conversion rate

A jewelry store with more than 1500 products, Francisca Joias wanted to offer a more personalized and pleasant browsing experience, to deal with the large number of products and trends in the fashion market and thus stand out from the competition.
Conversion rate
+ 159%
Average ticket
+ 7 %

By investing in a better experience on the page, the e-commerce of Francisca Joias accelerated to buying decision, obtained an increase of 159% in the sales conversion rate and, on top of that, it still achieved a growth of 7% in the average ticket.

All this was the result of work carried out in conjunction with the SmartHint, with the objective of facing the challenges of a virtual store in the fashion and large segment.

After all, being on the internet is very important, it's like being on the busiest street in the world — as Sabrina Nunes, CEO of Francisca Joias, used to say; but there is also a lot of competition and one of the ways to stand out in the digital fashion market is to know how to deal with trends, which change all the time.

“Customers look a lot for what other people are using, to be able to adapt to that style or see what is coming out the most”, explains Felipe Gomes, coordinator of technology and marketplaces at Francisca Joias.

But in addition to this element, the brand also wanted to offer a more personalized and pleasant browsing experience, after all, the store has more than 1500 unique products, not counting the SKU variations.

With recommendation windows and the SmartHint search, Francisca Joias was able to achieve this objective by meeting the needs of two large groups of customers: those who still don't know what they want; and the most decisive.

In the first case, betting on the window display recommendations and dealing with fashion trends in a personalized way; and in the second, with search speed and assertiveness.

And all this respecting an update and rebranding process that was happening at Francisca Joias, as both solutions adapt to the site's layout and do not interfere with the brand's visual identity.

“People should enter our e-commerce and think 'I'm at Francisca'; but being able to discover products that were really interesting to her. Also see what customers are buying more, what other people are visiting and what is trending”, says Felipe Gomes.

Recommendation showcases

As recommendation windows that most impacted the store in the trend pillar were those that bet on mental trigger of social proof. That is, the ones that show what other people are enjoying and buying inside the store and that end up influencing the most indecisive consumers. 

Among these windows, the highlights were “Best sellers in categories”, which is located on the main page; and “Whoever saw this product is also interested in”, which appears on the product pages.

Showcase best sellers in earrings - case francisca jewelry
case francisca jewelry showcase

The brand's technology coordinator says that the "Best sellers in categories" greatly increased the conversion rate of some specific products that were already in the top 10 of the best sellers, but ended up gaining more notoriety for being in a prominent position.

“Francisca has a very wide variety of products, so showing the best-selling products in that category on the main page is excellent, it's perfect. Because it accelerates the process of buying decision drastically. The customer looks at it and thinks: 'wow, this one is going out a lot, I'm going after it, I'm going to buy it'”, he explains.

But, in addition to the increase in the conversion rate, the windows also provoked a 7% growth in average ticket, as the recommendations also encourage customers to buy more: “sometimes the customer has not even realized what he wants or needs, but ends up seeing a personalized window, based on his navigation, finds more relevant products and ends up increasing the purchase”, says the executive.

Smart search

A smart search from SmartHint shows results in milliseconds, as you type and on the search page itself, without redirects and without having to hit enter.

For Felipe Gomes, this speed is the factor that most contributed to a better page experience with regard to search, facilitating the purchase journey for customers who already know what they are looking for.

“Having a quick search, like Google, is very interesting. And it's also super dynamic: as the customer types, he's already seeing the results”.


Another feature that caught the team's attention was the phonetic similarity, which allows the client to find the product right, even if you type it wrong: “we have some products that cause a little doubt when customers write and, therefore, they end up writing it wrong. We did several, several tests to understand how it worked [the phonetic similarity] and it worked 100%, it brought the right return of the products”, says the executive.

Retention hotsites and popups

The main solutions responsible for the numbers achieved with SmartHint were the windows and the search, but, according to Felipe, the hotsites also achieved excellent results for Francisca Joias when used in a more targeted campaign.

“Having a URL that isn't indexed on the site, that isn't visible to everyone, is excellent, it's a 10. Because we can run [specific] campaigns for certain clients. When we use it, we can sell out an item with 100 units in 15 minutes”, he reports.

Because of this result, the team intends to use the hardware and, soon, they will also start using the retention pop-ups, to further accelerate the purchase decision process.

How and why they chose SmartHint

When faced with the challenge of putting together highlights from fashion trends, customization and a better shopping experience, the Francisca Joias team went in search of solutions to do so through the recommendations. And that's how he discovered SmartHint and opted for this tech.
The decisive elements for the choice were:

  • automation;
  • ease of integration compared to other solutions;
  • excelent reception;
  • easy to move the panel.

At that moment, the team wanted a custom navigation, but did not have access to this, as they only had the windows native to the platform, which, in addition to not being based on the navigation of each individual user, required that everything be done manually.

“The registration team saw the best-selling products by category and created the showcase, but it was a 100% manual process”, says Felipe.

Therefore, one of the main factors that contributed to the choice is that at SmartHint everything is made of way automatic a artificial intelligence.

In addition, the following also weighed on the decision: the ease of integration compared to other tools on the market; quality service; and the ease of fiddling with and configuring settings on the panel when desired.

“What I love most about SmartHint, in addition to the tools and the excellent service, is the ease of use of the platform, ease of being able to activate and deactivate, put to run whatever you want at an extremely fast speed”, concludes Felipe Gomes, coordinator of Francisca Joias' technology and marketplace.

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