Abandoned carts? 7 tactics to avoid them in your e-commerce!

Having an abandoned cart in your store, whether physical or online, means that a consumer became interested in your brand, chose products in the store, but chose not to complete the purchase, thus giving up the selection of products made and generating abandonment. cart. 


Just like any other business, selling online has its challenges. One of the biggest is related to the number of sales made against the number of visitors to the site. According to KPI Report 2019, conversion rate average in virtual stores in 2019 was 1,85%. One of the reasons for this number is the e-commerce shopping cart abandonment.

There are many other reasons why website visitors do not contribute to increasing the conversion rate of a business, but certainly among the main factors are the abandoned carts

A abandoned cart rate in virtual stores is usually greater than 70% worldwide, according to a study by Barilliance. And, in 2018, a study by E-commerce Radar pointed out that this number reached 82% in Brazilian virtual stores!

But if you already have or intend to create a virtual store, no need to be scared by these numbers! Below, we present some tips so that you can avoid this situation and, if necessary, make the abandoned cart recovery.

What is an abandoned cart?

Having an abandoned cart in your store, whether physical or online, means that a consumer became interested in your brand, chose products in the store, but chose not to complete the purchase, thus giving up the selection of products made and abandoning the cart. . 

Briefly, having abandoned carts in your store generates lossAfter all, each of these abandons means potential sales that were not completed. So you need to ask yourself: why are they happening? 

To do so, check the stages of the purchase journey and the reasons that can contribute to abandonment in the next topic.

Steps in the shopping journey that can lead to an abandoned cart

Unlike what happens in physical stores, in e-commerce it is possible to analyze and actually research in depth the reasons for giving up purchases and abandoned carts. 

For this, first of all, we recommend that you check out the buying journey of your customer and write down each of the points through which he passes before arriving at the checkout

The most common customer shopping journey format is divided into 4 stages

1) discovery; 

2) recognition of the problem; 

3) consideration; 

4) purchase decision. 

Generally, abandoned carts happen in the consideration and decision, that is, in the final stages of the purchase journey. 

What to check in practice at the stages of the purchase journey

In practice you need to check which channels the person goes through when considering and deciding to buy from your store. Here are some questions you can ask.

  • Did your customer come through Google or Instagram? How is your store appearing on these channels? 
  • Does your customer access your brand's Instagram before buying? Or does he check Facebook? If yes, are the links from these social networks to e-commerce working correctly? 
  • Do all product pages open correctly or do they take a long time? Do the photos load? 

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Reasons that contribute to abandoned cart

  • Indecision
  • Navigation
  • Customer service
  • technical errors
  • User experience issues
  • Expensive shipping and delivery time
  • Long and complicated checkout


Many people start buying on impulse and then think better of it and give up on the purchase. They analyze the finances and question themselves about the real need to purchase that product.

Therefore, e-commerce strategists need to look for ways to persuade people and awaken in them the need to buy the items.


When the site is slow or when the consumer can't find the products want, he ends up losing patience and, many times, the shopping cart is abandoned. 

That's why navigation always needs to be intuitive and resources must be made available so that the page is always fast and Custom.

Customer service

Customer service is essential for users to complete purchases in a store and the cart abandonment rate is not too high.

If you have any questions about the product or the delivery method, for example, it is essential to have a chat, telephone or communication channel. Thus, everything will be easily explained and the customer will feel safe to continue the purchase process.

technical errors

As we said, some stages of the customer buying journey can lead to abandoned carts, so to reduce the abandonment rate, you need to keep an eye on each channel (website, social networks, etc.) and check them for technical issues, how: 

  • slow to open product pages;
  • broken links;
  • wrong or not updated prices;
  • errors and bugs in e-commerce.

User experience issues

Another factor that can lead to cart abandonment are problems with user experience, As:

  • conflicts in the checkout process;
  • requirements to complete purchases (how to make an account/register on the website); 
  • payment methods limited;
  • numerous interruptions to the site, such as banners, pop-ups, notifications, etc.;
  • cluttered and uncategorized e-commerce for easy shopping.

Expensive shipping and delivery time 

Um British company Moosend study points out that, in the world, 60% of users who abandon their shopping cart do so because of the freight. Therefore, having a strategy for delivery of goods can encourage consumers to complete the purchase on your website.

Long and complicated checkout

Difficulty navigating e-commerce, especially at checkout, is also a factor that can encourage customers to abandon their shopping cart. 

Therefore, you must facilitate the user experience in your online store. THE Moosend study points out that 28% of users abandon the cart when they need to fill long forms.

7 tactics to reduce your e-commerce cart abandonment rate

Now that you know the main reasons that contribute to cart abandonment, you need to look for ways to reduce this rate in your online store.

That's why we've listed 7 tactics that are simple to implement, but very effective for you to be more successful in your business. Check out!

1) Use smart recommendation showcases

2) Have a smart search

3) Be transparent

4) Make checkout easy

5) Invest in customer retention

6) Count on discount popups

7) Be careful with shipping

1) Use smart recommendation showcases

Personalization is the keyword to retain a consumer today. Therefore, invest in recommendation systems com smart shop windows is a great solution. That's because this tool makes the virtual store unique and personalized for each consumer.

For example, an online building materials store has miscellaneous items to be sold. However, if a customer is interested in buying bricks and cement bags to build a house, they may not yet want to see offers on faucets, toilets, and other finishing items.

But the recommendation system Analyze users' browsing history and show virtual showcases according to the tastes and needs of each one, increasing the chances of sales conversion and reducing cart abandonment. 

However, if you use a recommendation system with artificial intelligence, you'll get even better and more personalized results with the freestanding showcases. And, in addition, you will have a system that works automatically, avoiding generating internal work for your team.

2) Have a smart search

Smart search is another technology that can help reduce cart abandonment in your e-commerce. After all, it is very common for the customer to add a product to the cart and go back to browsing the site at search of other items. But, if he struggles to find what he wants, he's likely to give up and abandon the shopping cart.

Therefore, smart search can reduce this abandonment, as it has high speed; phonetic similarity; automated color search; personalized behavioral search; voice search; is image search.

As we mentioned earlier, the quality of browsing is one of the factors that contribute to shopping cart abandonment. Therefore, having a hardware that optimizes and personalizes the search for products is essential.

Learn more: What is smart search and why have it in my e-commerce?

3) Be transparent

23% of respondents to the Moosend survey indicated that hidden costs were the reason for abandoning the shopping cart in an e-commerce. This shows the importance of being transparent in your communication.

If you have any type of fee or extra charge, notify the customer from the first moment. Thus, there will be no surprises and he will know exactly what costs he will have to pay to buy in his e-commerce.

4) Make checkout easy

At the time of checkout, do not demand too much information, only the necessary information to complete the purchase. 

In addition, make the transparent checkout. In this modality, the data is processed on its own website, without the client being redirected to another page. This redirection can make you suspicious and make you withdraw from the purchase.

5) Invest in customer retention

To avoid shopping cart abandonment, it is also important to invest in actions to improve customer retention, that is, to keep them longer on your site in order to make the purchase. 

For that, you can take some steps, one of which is related to the treatment. Through some tools online chat, for example, you can see which pages your consumer is spending the most time on. If you notice that the customer has stopped at the checkout page, you can now send them a message via chat offering help.

For new visitors, you can offer discounts on their first purchase. In return, you ask them to sign up to receive your emails with contents and offers.

6) Count on discount popups

Another retention strategy is to show pop-ups to consumers who are leaving your virtual store. When they are close to leaving the site, present a message offering a exclusive discount with countdown timer. This generates a feeling of urgency and works like a great mental trigger so they don't give up on the purchase.

Think like the consumer: how many times have you researched a product on the internet and opened several pages of different online stores? And how many times are you doing this and the phone rings, another more urgent activity arises and the shopping cart is abandoned? This is all very common.

But with the retention pop-ups, you prevent this from happening! 

7) Be careful with shipping

When it comes to freight, many shopkeepers think that just offering the option of delivery to the Post Office. This possibility should not be ruled out because of the reach that the state company has in Brazilian territory. However, it is important to make other options available, which can often be cheaper and faster than that of the Post Office.

These factors are influenced according to the size and weight of the products, distance and region of delivery. That is why, use carrier comparison services, such as, for example, the Best Shipping and also to always offer the best options to customers. depending on e-commerce platform you use, it is possible to integrate this service directly into your online store.

In addition to always seeking to offer the best cost-benefit in delivery to your customer, present more than one option. Include a more expensive but faster possibility and a more economical one. Thus, he can choose what he prefers.

Finally, offer free shipping for purchases above a certain amount. In addition to relieving the weight that freight usually has on the consumer's decision, you stimulate the increase in average ticket. Who has never added another product to their cart to reach the minimum price and get free shipping?

How to recover abandoned cart 

Finally, after studying more about your customer's purchase journey, understanding the friction points that are generating abandoned carts for your store and what to do to avoid them, learn how to reverse this problem if it happens. 

In addition to analyzing and making technical adjustments to the online store, we also recommend implementing it in your sales strategy a abandoned cart recovery

Fortunately, there are specific tools that help reverse these abandonments, converting them into new sales. See further below.

abandoned cart retriever

A cart retriever is a system, or hardware, which exists in the market and can be integrated into your e-commerce platform to reverse abandonments. 

With active integration, the cart recovery tool captures information regarding abandonment (product, day, time, etc.) and from there you can take actions to reverse the abandonment and actually make the sale. 

In practice, this can be done with email shots. For example, in the tool You sent, you can schedule up to 5 custom email triggers after your site visitor leaves a cart. 

In addition to programming, it is possible to configure how long after abandonment the first email, the second, third, and so on, will be sent, according to the strategy best suited for your e-commerce.  

For you, you can compare and understand more about this practice in the market: there are companies that send the first email minutes after the abandoned cart and in sequence increase the time of the following sends, and may arrive days after abandonment.

But, some abandoned cart recovery tools have more advantages, such as:

  • track the cart abandonment rate;
  • monitor your e-commerce abandoned carts in real time;
  • issue reports with the results of actions and also the most abandoned products in the carts.

Among so many others!

Sending emails with extra benefits

One more great abandoned cart recovery strategy is to send out emails with extra benefits for the consumer complete the purchase. The benefits offered can be: 

  • free shipping;
  • Discount coupons;
  • cashback.

For each of these benefits, we recommend that you have an email trigger and also capture cart information, in order to send a benefit that really makes sense to your consumer. 

Did you like the idea of ​​being able to reduce your store's abandoned cart rate and still improve the entire purchase journey and consumer experience with your store? So, don't forget to talk to Enviou's specialists to find out which is the best solution for your business: send an e-mail to comercial@enviou.com.br.  

Also take the opportunity to add the cash back benefit to your store through the my dim dim, platform focused on cashback. 


Shopping cart abandonment is a real problem for e-commerce. However, with some care, you can lower these fees and also recover some of the dropped users.

In addition, by optimizing some aspects of your website mentioned in this article, you provide a better shopping experience to your customers. This encourages them to consume again at your store when they make a new purchase!

As you can see, with the help of tech and well-defined digital marketing strategies, you will be able to reverse consumer abandonment. Thus, the abandoned cart rate also decreases and the profitability of your business increases. 

SmartHint can help you with that as we use cutting edge technology to elevate the customer experience, increase conversion rate and decrease cart abandonment with: smart search, standalone recommendation windows, retention popups and hotsites. Discover our technology!


Rodrigo Schiavini

Rodrigo Schiavini

Founder and business director of SmartHint, he is also regional director Paraná of ​​ABComm, with more than 10 years of experience in electronic commerce for major brands in the most varied segments.
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