Banner for virtual store: understand the function and learn how to create and use

The banner for the virtual store is a graphic piece, generally used to direct the user to another page through a click. The main function of this digital banner is to convey a message to consumers who access the site. They act as internal advertisements and means of communication with the public, but they are also excellent tools for attracting and converting sales.


We live in an increasingly visual society with an immense amount of information available. And when it comes to the internet, the competition for attention is even greater, after all, there are thousands of open tabs, notifications and ads. 

Therefore, to be successful in e-commerce, it is necessary to look for alternatives to draw consumer attention and make you a real customer. That's why the banner for online store is an excellent resource that cannot be missing from your online business strategy.

But to be really effective it is important to understand well what its function, characteristics, how to create and how to use it. And that's what we're going to show you in this post. Check out!

what is a banner

The banner is a graphic piece, normally used as advertising feature. It can be printed or digital, it can be used to publicize the brand, promote products, offers and services, it can be used at events and even as informative material.

What is digital banner?

O digital banner is generally used to direct the user from one page to another in the Internet through one click. It can be an image, static or animated, or even a video. 

It is very common for it to appear in ads on the Display Network of Google Ads and in other ad tools, which allows the advertiser to appear in users' inboxes and on third-party websites. But it is also widely used by brands within their own website, including virtual stores

What is the function of the banner for the virtual store?

The main function of the banners for the virtual store is to pass a message to consumers who access the site. They act like house ads e media with the public, but they are also excellent communication tools. attraction e sales conversion.

Can be used for:

  • Communicating
  • Promote
  • Attract organic clicks
  • Grab the consumer's attention


The banner in the virtual store can be used to communicate several things, such as delivery; free shipping; store security; payment methods etc.


The digital banner can also be used within the online store to promote brands, products or store actions such as events, sales, clearance sale, Among other things.

Attract organic clicks

When entering a keyword relevant in the alt attribute of the image, your digital banner may appear in the search results of Google and other sites and thus generate organic traffic for your online store.

Grab the consumer's attention

You can also use the digital banner simply to grab the consumer's attention and engage them with your brand. This can be done through an impact phrase, your slogan or referring to a special date, such as Christmas, New Year, Easter etc.

How to make a banner for my online store?

To make the banners for e-commerce you can count on the help of an in-house design team, hire an agency or outsourced professional or create it yourself. 

If your choice is the third option, there are platforms that allow the customization of the store layout and banner creation and there is also the possibility of creating free online banners on specific websites and applications for this. 

But whatever the choice, if you want to attract more clicks on banners and consequently increase the conversion rate, you must follow some important steps. Check out 8 tips below.

1) Create a good headline

2) Invest in copywriting

3) Use relevant keywords

4) Use quality images

5) Select the right colors

6) Choose the most suitable size and format

7) Think about responsiveness

8) Update frequently

1) Create a good headline

For the banner to be assertive and fulfill its function, think of a simple title, but also attractive and relevant to the message you want to convey.

2) Invest in copywriting

Use the technique of copywriting, that is, persuasive writing, to attract the consumer through objective and attractive texts that use mental triggers.  

3) Use relevant keywords 

In addition to efficiently attracting clicks, using relevant keywords in the alt attribute of the image also helps in attracting organic traffic on search engines.

4) Use quality images

For the banner to be attractive enough, it is necessary to use images and quality photos. Or it can have the opposite effect, as it can give off an air of sloppiness. 

5) Select the right colors

Colors can make all the difference, so choose carefully the ones that most resonate with your brand and the message you want to convey. Also, pay attention to the combination of tones and don't over mix. And remember that while harmony is important, you need to stand out, and colors are a great resource for that.

6) Choose the most suitable size and format

It is important to choose the right size and format for the purpose and place where the banner will be placed. Later, we will discuss banner formats and types.

7) Think about responsiveness

Before putting your digital banner to run, think about its responsiveness. Make sure it will visually adapt to all screen sizes: desktop, mobile devices etc. 

8) Update frequently

Don't forget out-of-season banners on your site. For example, if Christmas has passed, remove the Christmas banner. After all, this can also convey an air of sloppiness and outdated.

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How to create free online banner 

See some of the tools that can help you create free online banner.

  • canva
  • ViewCreate
  • Creatopy
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Express
  • Photopea


O canva is certainly one of the main tools that allow you to create free online banners and also one of the most popular. It has a web and application version, has a bank of images and templates of various sizes that can be edited easily. 


O ViewCreate, formerly Crello, is very similar to Canva and also allows the creation of banners and other types of graphic arts for free, in addition to being extremely intuitive.


Another alternative for free online banner creation is Creatopy. It also has an image bank and templates. A differential is that you can create just one image and from it generate size variations.

The cons of this tool is that it only allows the creation of 10 free banners. For a larger amount, you need to pay for the service.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express

In addition to having free templates and images, the Adobe Creative Cloud Express integrates with other Adobe tools and lets you upload your brand's logo, colors, and typography. It also allows you to change elements in the image in a simple way, making testing easier. 


O Photopea very similar to Photoshop, but it offers the service for free. It accepts .psd, .xd, .sketch and .raw files, is ideal for more advanced editing and has more functionality than most free tools. 

To learn more essential tools for e-commerce, download this free guide with 50 tools for e-commerce.

Where to place banners in the online store

Digital banners can be placed wherever your imagination and your website and strategy allow. 

But, Do not exaggerate. You don't need to place the banners in every possible place, as this can harm the user experience and cause irritation, losing its effect and may even cause an undesired result. So choose just a few spaces or switch to test which ones perform best. 

We list below the main places where you can place banners in the online store:

  • at the store's home; 
  • in the sidebars;
  • in the separation of categories and/or departments;
  • in the footer;
  • in the middle of the page;
  • on hotsites;
  • in popups;
  • in search.

Online store banner ideas: formats and types 

There is not just one better format and type of banner to be used in the online store. It all depends on the message, image that will be used, purpose and layout of the site. 

Below, we have gathered some online store banner ideas that you can use, taking into account formats and types.

banner formats

Remember that the format and dimensions of the digital banner depend on the space you want to use on your website. It is important to always have the exact measurements and design the banner accordingly. But the most common formats are:

  • horizontal;
  • vertical;
  • rectangular;
  • square.

banner types

Regarding the types of banners, there are several possibilities. See some ideas below. 

  • static banner
  • Text banner
  • video banner
  • carousel banner
  • banner in search
  • Banner on hotsites
  • Banner in pop-ups

static banner

The static banner is undoubtedly the most used. Next, on the website of Natural Sap, we have an example of a static banner in the home, at the top of the page. In this case, it was used to promote products from a specific line at a discount.

natural sap static banner

This other example of a static banner, in store redhead beauty, was inserted in the middle of the page with the aim of publicizing the brand's blog:

redhead beauty static banner

Text banner

The text banner is also one of the most used. Although it seems simple, you need to use the right words and colors to attract the desired click. The image below shows an example of a text banner used to highlight summer promotions on FOM.

banner text

video banner

The video banner can bring great results, as it leaves common sense and stands out on the page by differentiating itself from the rest of the information. But it is important to use short videos so that the user does not give up watching until the end.

See the banner video used by LEGO:

carousel banner

This type of banner is very advantageous as you can pass multiple messages using a single place and without overloading the page with information. Or even create messages that complement each other for the same goal. 

It can be the type that changes the images by itself or the one that allows the user to click on the side to view at will.

The only point of attention is that as there are several pieces, they will compete with each other for the consumer's attention.

Below is an example of this type of banner used by Kipling:

carousel banner

animated banner

Like the video banner, the animated banner stands out from the rest of the page and allows you to give even greater prominence to a specific image or word, as shown in the example of Diesel below.

animated banner

banner in search

Insert specific banners for certain search It's a great way to personalize your shopping experience in e-commerce. 

In the following example, from PORT, if the customer searches for “chamex”, he will be impacted by a banner that informs a discount on products of that brand, increasing the chances of click and conversion. 

banner in the search port

The advantage of this type of banner is that it only appears to people who are already interested in the subject, also improving the user experience..

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Banner on hotsites

The banner in hotsites is a type that helps direct the consumer to a specific session or simply compose the look of the page. In the following example, it was used both as a thematic visual element of Black Friday and to direct the user to promotions.

hotsite banner

Banner in pop-ups

The banners in pop-ups they also help to compose the message and increase the chances of conversion. In the following example, from Fish Brazil, the banner was used to present the pop-up call and also promote the discount coupon.

pop-up banner


Did you see just how much it is possible to explore in relation to banners for the virtual store? I hope this content has been useful and helps you to use this sales strategy in the best way possible to achieve your goals.

With SmartHint, you can insert banners in search for certain search results, create hotsites e pop-ups with banners and still make use of freestanding showcases. Meet our technology!  


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