How Online Artificial Intelligence Is Turning Sales On The Web

Previously restricted to futuristic films, online artificial intelligence is already a reality in virtual retail. Find out how it can improve e-commerce performance.

Until recently, robots interacting with clients it was a science fiction movie scene. Thanks to the development of the online artificial intelligence, what was fantasy became reality.

The use of chatbots, a tool that simulates human action to automate customer service, however, is not the only resource brought by this new reality. With the application of online artificial intelligence in your E-commerce, you can analyze browsing behaviors, anticipate needs and, of course, increase your profitability. Understand better!

Artificial intelligence online:

e-commerce selling more and better

Two excellent examples of the revolution brought about by online artificial intelligence that help improve e-commerce sales performance are the smart recommendation and os retention pop-ups.

In the first case, online artificial intelligence is used to create custom windows for the user, based on factors such as purchase history, browsing behavior, age range and demographic information, offering products with greater potential of purchase for that consumer.

In addition to increasing sales volume, the use of custom recommendations creates a shopping experience unique to the user, since when viewing products in line with their needs, it creates brand identification, enhances the relationship with its e-commerce and increases loyalty rates.

In addition, personalized recommendations also help increase your business's profitability by presenting product suggestions complementary to the one the user is buying - if he is going to buy a bicycle, it is possible to offer helmets and other accessories - or even higher performance and higher sales value.

In the second case, retention pop-ups, the idea is to use artificial intelligence online to identify browsing behavior and establish positive communication with the consumer, preventing him from leaving the online store without completing the transaction.

Retention pop-ups can be displayed, for example, when the customer is about to to abandon the shopping cart. Information about free shipping or possible discounts is often useful at this time.

Other applications of artificial intelligence in the virtual store

In addition to improving the sales performance of the virtual store, through personalization, artificial intelligence online can also be applied in several other areas of e-commerce.

Resources such as augmented reality, for example, help the consumer to get to know the products better, generating confidence for the purchase.

This technology can be very useful in high-value product markets and also in the decoration and garment segment where consumer indecision is greater.

Another example of how online artificial intelligence can be applied in favor of e-commerce is image recognition technology for product searches. With this tool, the user can take a picture of the item they want to purchase and find all the product information, such as price and, of course, the online store that has that item in stock.

Accessible resources for any type of e-commerce

With the popularization of technology, all these online artificial intelligence increase sales in e-commerce are available to all players in this market, not just to the big players.

Some of these features, such as smart recommendation and retention pop-ups, are currently available. including for small and medium sized virtual stores, which makes the use of artificial intelligence online the electronic retail path.

Now that you know more about the importance of online artificial intelligence for boosting sales in e-commerce, 10 tips to improve the checkout process of your online store!

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