How to install SmartHint on Tray Corp (API)

SmartHint and Tray Corp (API)

Glad you decided to use SmartHint services. Your store will soon benefit from our artificial intelligence, increasing conversion rates and average ticket. But first we need to install our API.

Installing the API SmartHint on the Tray Corp platform is simple and easy, just follow the steps below:

  1. access the TrayCorp platform and create a new script with the code of SmartHint;
  2. manages the token integration for SmartHint;
  3. configure the token authorizing all items from Attribute, Product, Category e Request;
  4. inform the token generated on the configuration page of shop on the platform SmartHint.

Rest assured, let's see each step in more detail.

1 - How to create the SmartHint script

Access the TrayCorp platform, access the “Configs Admin / Script Manager” area and create a new script. Name the script “SmartHint"

It will now be necessary to access in a new window the administrative portal of SmarHint. Click here and login and use the main menu to go to the "My Account" page and then click on the "Online Store" button.

In step “1 - Choose your online store to generate the Script” select “Tray Corp”. Copy the code that will be displayed. It must be inserted in the script that was just created in the previous window.

Scroll the page and paste the copied code in the “Script Content” field.

2 - How to generate the integration token

Still on the Tray Corp platform, access the menu "Config Admin> Token Integration" and click on the "Add token" button.

When you press the button, the system automatically generates a new token and directs you to a new editing screen, where you can make some settings.

3- How to configure token information and permissions

In the settings screen that opened after the token was created, enter the name of the token: Smarthint (for example). Select "New Integration - REST" in the "Integration Type" and then, below the token information, configure the "Permissions".

For the correct functioning of the API it is necessary to check all options within Attribute, Product, Category e Request.

To finish the process of creating the token, after configuring it, just go to the bottom of the screen and click on the “Save”And the token will be active and ready to use.

4- How to inform the generated token to Smarthint

Copy the token code and access the “virtual store” page on the administrative portal again Smarthint. (access the "My Account" page from the main menu and then click on the "Online Store" button).

Access the “virtual store” page on the administrative portal again Smarthint. (access the "My Account" page from the main menu and then click on the "Online Store" button).

Finally paste the Token code copied in the field “2 - Insert the Application Token” and click on “Follow” to save.

Ready. THE SmartHint is ready to be configured and increase the performance of your online store Tray Corp.

Note: if you have previously configured the integration by GTM, you will need to interrupt or delete the TAG in Google Tag Manager.

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