Mobile devices and access to virtual stores

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Mobile devices and access to virtual stores

If you are not reading this post on a mobile device, you probably have one on your side, because even though it is one of the easiest and most practical ways to access the internet, you can use it to pay bills, buy tickets, see the forecast of time, among other activities.

Because of this facility, accessing virtual stores through mobile devices has become increasingly common among users. With increased use of smartphones, mobile purchases increased from 11% to 34% between 2017 and 2018 (1 Semester 2018 XNUMX).

According to HostingFacts, by 2020 mobile commerce will be responsible for 45% of all e-commerce activities, compared to only 20% that represented in 2016.

The first Smartphones

The first smartphones were created for the purpose of getting people to communicate by voice. So much so that the first generation of cell phones that was developed and launched by Motorola did not have all these features that we find in today's smartphones.

The most that the user could do was a 30 minutes connection and store 30 contacts, with the design of the famous '' tijolar ''. This was just the beginning, over time the functions were perfecting and the sizes were decreasing.

The first messages were sent, the color screens, multimedia messages and later, the long awaited internet arrived at the devices. Of course, the internet did not compare to the standard that was accessed by computers but soon evolved into the service we currently have.

mobile devices

The evolution of the handset is not over yet and will probably never end. The idea of ​​having a smartphone has fallen into the taste of users and has become a consumer good, so every year new models come to market.

Until someone invents something to replace these devices, users need to adapt to the services that are already offered and the same must be done by companies.

Be responsive

All data leads to a single fact: mobile devices have been used more and more as the years go by. So you have no choice, virtual stores need to be prepared to serve consumers on which device they want to access.

That is why E-commerce needs to be responsive. A responsive page is flexible, that is, it fits the device the user is using (PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.)

This is necessary because the size of the screens change according to the device being used and all the items on the page need to fit the space available for the user to see.

It is worth remembering that the easier access to the user, the way to understand all the information and visualize the images, the more likely it is to be interested in the products offered.

Also, having a great server is essential. Time is one of the most valuable goods for the human being and if a user accesses a virtual store that does not load the products quickly, you can bet he will not have the patience to wait for the page to open.

Ensuring that the user's buying experience is the best possible is the key to the success of your business. At smart shop windows can help in this process too, making it easy for the customer to find the product they want and adapting to both computers and mobile devices automatically.

Start using free the tool in your store and be prepared for the future.

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