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Next 12 of September, will happen the largest itinerant event of e-commerce, digital marketing and new digital sales channels in Brazil, the ABComm Forum

Held by ABComm (Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce), the ABComm Forum unites commercial and academic initiatives with the real power of empowerment. The project was developed to present lectures and other formats on topics relevant to the digital world.

The ABComm Forum is known as the largest traveling e-commerce, digital marketing and new digital sales channels event in Brazil and will be held on September 12 in Curitiba, at the Sebrae auditorium.

ABComm 2019 Forum

The ABComm Forum is a complete networking and learning experience and ensures even more knowledge in digital presence.

Today's digital presence is increasingly important for small, medium and large businesses! E-commerce and digital marketing actions have become key to increasing sales and service quality in companies.

What to expect from the ABComm Forum?

More than 400 people are expected, from e-commerce entrepreneurs, virtual store managers and digital media professionals. The project comprises the organization and holding of lectures on the themes: social networks, e-commerce and digital marketing.

Meet the Speakers and their Lectures

Rodrigo Schiavini - SmartHint

Founder and CEO of SmartHint, the small and medium-sized virtual retail product recommendation system. He was also the founder of FBITS, acquired by the Locaweb group on set / 2016. Artificial Intelligence Specialist, ABComm Regional Director of Paraná and writer of the EcommerceNews Portal. He holds a degree in Systems Analysis from PUC-PR and an MBA in Project Management from FGV. He has over 12 years of experience in e-commerce for major brands in various segments.

Lecture: 30% increase in sales using the shopping experience

Diego Santana - Rocket E-commerce

Professor, speaker and expert when it comes to e-commerce and digital performance marketing. He is responsible for the acceleration and strategies of online stores.

Lecture: How to sell more using Instagram and Facebook Ads

Simone Sancho - Sephora

Currently responsible for the transformation and omnichannel of Sephora Digital Marketing, being in charge of digital business strategy and e-commerce sales, overseeing areas such as: Trade Marketing, Paid Media, Social Media, UX, CRM and customer loyalty insights. Prior to that, he was responsible for the launch of Sephora's Loyalty Program in BR (+ 1,5 million customers driving 80% of sales), as well as the implementation of a new Customer Insights and Business Intelligence Practices Area in the Brazilian market. Recently, the same case deployment is underway at Operation Latam-Mexicana.

Renata Chemin - Polen

Actress since 8 years, first ventured into the world of Startups with a pitch preparation and development course. Polen Public Relations, Voice Actor, Voiceover, Cultural Producer, Writer and just for now.

Lecture: Customers dependent on discounts and free shipping? How to go further and add value to your brand.

Elias Junior - Xtech

Head of Global Partners SMB at VTEX, Consultant, Professor and Speaker of Digital Marketing and E-commerce at SEBRAE, CAMARA-E.NET, ABCOMM and AJORIO

Lecture: How to choose the right platform for your business!

Gustavo Orciuolo - Clearsale

Gustavo Orciuolo is the creator of Outlet Vendas, menswear e-commerce. He also serves as a partnership consultant for ClearSale and is an ambassador for the Buy and Trust Movement, a corporate movement to create a safer and more reliable market for all consumers.

Lecture: An anti-fraud solution as a key ally in reducing e-commerce disapproved orders

Danilo Gonçalves - Latam

Graduated in business management from the Faculty of Industries and MBA in Strategic Marketing from PUCPR, 8 years of experience in air cargo logistics, prospecting business and supporting the commercial team in developing new strategies (KPI, MKT SHARE analysis, among others) by LATAM CARGO in the Southern region.

Lecture: Air transport as a competitive differential in e-commerce

Levi Lopes - ComSchool

Digital Marketing Professional, Lecturer and Professor of Customer Service Excellence and 3.0 Customer Service at ComSchool, where he leads the Customer Experience and Customer Success area. Graduated in Marketing and postgraduate in Customer Centric Marketing from ESPM.

Lecture: 3.0 Professional

Gabriel Falk - Juno

He has a background in finance and serves as Juno's Product Owner and is responsible for fintech's credit card operation.

Lecture: How to sell online in a debarred country and the future of payments in Brazil

Milena Mancini - Projectual

Designer graduated from UTFPR and specialist in Digital Marketing and New Media. For 16, he has been running Projetual Comunicação, an agency he founded in May of 2003. Provides Digital Presence and Online Marketing Planning consultancy to small and medium businesses. Minister Workshops for entrepreneurs at Sebrae / PR since 2015 and since 2017 is author of articles for the School of E-commerce.

Lecture: How to choose a digital influencer to sell more

Thiago Paiva - TdZain

Executive Director, entrepreneur with experience in people management and digital transformation.

Lecture: Applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to your business needs

Gabriela Gimenez - OmniChat

Gabriela Gimenez is CCO at OmniChat Commerce, a Chat Commerce platform, ie customer service + chat sales like Whatsapp and Messenger.

Lecture: How to serve and sell through WhatsApp securely, delivering a sensational end-customer experience.

Jeanne Maciel - bringIT

Head of Marketing at bringIT and Nordware. Responsible for the Portuguese market of German and Swiss-German multinational companies (LaPrairie Group) of the Luxury segment. Winner of the Maximum Award (PT) for two consecutive years and honorable mention in one. Expertise in architecture and strategic planning, competitive marketing positioning and growth marketing. Master in Business Administration focusing on Strategic Marketing and Doctoral Student in Business Administration focusing on digital transformation Teacher and speaker of excellence training in attendance and NPS. Digital Marketing Researcher at PUCPR with studies published by USP at the Global Marketing Conference and Global Alliance of Marketing & Management Associations in Hong Kong.

Lecture: 5 Steps to Ecommerce Scalability

Simei Paludetto - SGP

MBA in Project Management from FGV / ISAE, Degree in Mechatronics Engineering from CEUNSP, Coaching with NLP Certified by FGV / ISAE, Quality Auditor from Boreau Veritas, Planner using Mind Maps from ISAE / PERSP, Bachelor of Theology from ETM and School of Leaders by the Global Institute.

Lecture: How to explore selling online and succeed!

Women in E-commerce

In addition to these lectures, there will also be a super relevant theme for the digital world and the job market in general: Women's empowerment drives E-commerce. It will be led by women responsible for making this theme increasingly worked on numerous platforms: Magento's Nubia Mota; Carol Moreno, from; Thaiza Fablicio, from Rede; Pâmela Basso of Ton Agency; Renata Chemin, from Poen; and Dauluana Menezes, from MadeiraMadeira.

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