What is customer success? Concept, benefits and how to apply in e-commerce

What is customer success (CS)? Customer success is the name given to a set of actions that aim to help consumers achieve the expected result when purchasing a product or service. It can be understood as a sector, a strategy, a set of good practices and part of the company's culture.


How do you deal with your e-commerce customers after a sale is made? What is the level of interaction you have with him? Do you know if the customer was satisfied with the purchase? These are questions related to the strategy of customer success in e-commerce.

The concept of customer success emerged with SaaS (software as a service) businesses, which focus on increasing the time customers spend in a company, thus generating more profit for the business. 

However, currently, this concept can be applied in different areas of the market, among them the virtual commerce. Of course, some adjustments are needed and what works as one business model does not necessarily apply to the other. But what matters most in this scenario is the prioritization of improving the customer experience after the purchase. 

Understand what it is and how to apply this strategy in your e-commerce!

What is customer success? 

Customer success (CS) or customer success is the name given to a set of actions that aim to contribute to the the consumer achieves the expected result when purchasing a product or service. 

It is common, when talking about customer success, to bump into the concept of customer experience (CX). After all, customer success is part of EXPERIENCE that a customer lives with the company. 

Another term often confused with customer success is customer service and it is still common for some people to confuse these concepts. However, although all these terms are connected, they are not the same thing.

Customer success can be understood as a sector, a strategy, a set of best practices and part of the company's culture. 

he goes beyond after sales conventional, as it focuses on customer satisfaction and on the experience he will have with the company throughout the journey, from a purchase or hiring.

What does a customer success manager do?

A customer success manager is the professional who will plan and manage tactics of this area together with the client. However, if your e-commerce is still in growth, it is not necessary to have an exclusive professional for this.

What is truly important is that the entire company understands the importance of maintaining customer experience quality at all stages of purchase day, including after-sales. 

That's why it differs from customer service, after all, the service department it works in a reactive way, that is, it only responds to customer demands, such as questions, support requests or complaints. 

Already the team CS acts proactively to contribute to the high performance of the customer with the product. 

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Customer success for online store

To understand how the concept of customer success works in e-commerce, consider, for example, that a customer from your online store bought a drone for aerial filming. One of the ways to contribute to his success with the product is to email um link to a video tutorial on how to install and start using the equipment. In it, you can suggest some tests and propose some exercises. 

The same works as others types of products. If your store sells makeup, for example, you can share content with tutorials in which the purchased product is used. 

Remember to also include a link where the buyer can ask your team for support if needed. 

Within an e-commerce business the customer success can be achieved in multiple ways, for example:

  • from the application of satisfaction surveys;
  • sharing a delivery tracking link that is efficient and updated in real time;
  • sending messages via WhatsApp, SMS or e-mail, asking the customer about their satisfaction with the product and making their team available for support;
  • maintaining the relationship with the consumer after a sale, through segmented and personalized content. 

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Customer success benefits for e-commerce

There are countless benefits of customer success for e-commerce. Check out some below:

How to apply customer success in e-commerce?

Below, we organize some practical suggestions on how to apply customer success (CS) strategies within an e-commerce. Check out!

1) Use after-sales communication tools

Some companies just disappear after they make a sale. even within the online retail this is not a smart option and is not aligned with the concept of customer success. 

So keep in touch and support customers using different communication channels, As:

  • social media; 
  • e-mail; 
  • telephone; 
  • WhatsApp.

2) Produce and share valuable targeted content 

Remember the example we gave earlier, where a drone installation and usage tutorial worked as a support to customer success?

In addition to producing this type of material, it is important that you make them available through different channels, nurturing and educating consumers and thus creating a relationship with them. 

One of the most suitable channels for maintaining this relationship is the email, which can be used frequently, sharing videos, blog posts e rich materials, segmented and personalized, that contribute to the use of what was purchased. 

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3) Collect the feedbacks

Another way to know if buyers are satisfied is through satisfaction surveys

You can use the NPS (net promoter score), which can be done using a very direct question: “On a scale of 0 to 10, how much would you recommend our e-commerce to a friend or family member?”

In addition to having access to the customer's opinion and showing that you care about their experience, this is also an opportunity to find dissatisfied consumers and actively act to solve some problems they are facing. 


As we said so far, customer success (CS) is part of the customer experience with a company. By improving this experience, the expected result is satisfaction and customer retention, making them keep coming back to buy from your site.

In these cases, the consumer will keep searching for personalization, after all, he is already a customer and wants to be treated like that by those who should already know him.

Therefore, whether for the first purchase of the consumer or for the following ones, some solutions can contribute a lot to personalize the experience and increase the sales rates of your e-commerce, such as SmartHint tools.

SmartHint's main focus is to improve the customer's shopping experience, thus increasing the chances of them finding what they need and completing the purchase. Discover our technology and understand how to use it to retain customers and generate more sales.


Rodrigo Schiavini

Rodrigo Schiavini

Founder and business director of SmartHint, he is also regional director Paraná of ​​ABComm, with more than 10 years of experience in electronic commerce for major brands in the most varied segments.
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