Retention pop-ups for e-commerce: what they are and how they work

Retention pop-ups for e-commerce are windows that open at strategic times in order to retain the customer in the virtual store.


You ever heard of pop-ups retention for e-commerce? As the name implies, they help in retaining customers within the site. Thereby, they reduce the rejection rate and often help to increase the conversion rate

In this post, we will explain better what these pop-ups are and how they work. For this, we will cover the following topics: 

  • what are e-commerce retention pop-ups;
  • how retention pop-ups work;
  • what are the types of retention pop-ups for e-commerce. 

What are e-commerce retention pop-ups?

Os e-commerce retention pop-ups are windows that open at strategic moments of navigation

In some cases, they are intended to make the customer, who just entered the virtual store, stay on the site. For that, some products are presented, in which the consumer may be interested. 

In other cases, prevent the abandonment of carts, because they offer some discount on the chosen product and act as a trigger in the consumer's mind. After all, sometimes it is all he needs to convince himself to finalize the purchase. 

This is important, because those who browse the internet have the habit of opening several websites at the same time. And for those who shop online, this habit is also part of the research. 

It is quite common, for example, the user looking for the same products in multiple stores to compare prices, freight charges, payment and delivery terms. 

And, often, put the product in the shopping cart to get this information, after go out and look for the same item in another store, with lower price and / or better conditions.

In other cases, he go out looking for a discount coupon to be used in the store you're browsing. But, in this joke, only 10% of users end up returning

Therefore, the e-commerce retention pop-ups are a great strategy to keep the customer in the store. Because, they help draw consumer attention, making it continue on the site.

How do retention pop-ups work?

Retention pop-ups need to appear on right moments and show the most relevant products to work effectively. Otherwise, they can become inconvenient and, instead of retaining the customer in the store, they can end up astonishing. 

So they are based on analysis of user navigation inside the virtual store to act assertively. AND can recognize when he approaches the exit bar

also can identify which products are most relevant for him, based on all the steps he took from the moment he entered the store, products he clicked on, categories and pages he chose. 

What are the types of retention pop-ups for e-commerce?

There are three main types of e-commerce retention pop-ups: 

1) those who act quickly at the beginning of navigation, preventing the client from leaving the site; 

2) those who work on product pages, showing a flash sale;

3) those who avoid abandoning the shopping cart

Let's understand better how each one works. 

Pop-ups at the beginning of navigation 

These pop-ups appear on the home when the customer approaches the exit bar. They usually show a virtual store window to draw attention of the user and keep them on the site. 

e-commerce retention pop-ups

Pop-ups on product pages 

The pop-ups that appear on the product pages are intended to make the customer make the purchase as soon as possible. For this, they usually show some discount or promotion. 

However, the most effective pop-ups are those that offer a flash sale with a countdown timer. Because the count creates urgency and makes the customer take the initiative to complete the purchase.

e-commerce retention pop-ups

Pop-ups that prevent cart abandonment 

The third type of pop-ups are those that prevent cart abandonment. For that, they offer some kind of discount on items that have already been placed in the cart, encouraging completion of purchase

Once again, the regressive counter it's a great tactic to speed up the making decision-making.  

e-commerce retention pop-ups

The difference and the great effectiveness of these types of pop-ups is that instead of recovering the abandoned cart, they prevent this from happening. 

After all, why wait for abandonment, then send an email or some other type of message to the client, trying to reverse it, if you can retain it when he shows that he is going to abandon it? It's much smarter, isn't it?

SmartHint has three types of retention popups: “Don't go away”, which appears on the home page; “Lightning Promotion”; that appears on product pages; and “Last Chance”, which appears in the shopping cart. 

But all can be customized and personalized, receiving a different name chosen by the brand. Explore

Written by: Tania d'Arc


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