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e-book 17 online sales strategies

[e-book] 17 strategies that will boost your online sales!

Want to boost your online sales? Then check out these attraction strategies, shopping experience and relationships that we have put together to help increase your e-commerce sales!

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[e-book] How Diesel increased its conversion rate by 120% in one month

The Italian brand bet on SmartHint's intelligent search and recommendation system to increase the online store's shopping experience and increase sales conversion. Check out this successful case!

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Zema case

[infographic] How Zema's ecommerce earned R $ 90 million in the middle of a pandemic

Lojas Zema's e-commerce invoiced 90 million reais in 2020, getting a increase of 320% in online sales. Want to know what strategies and technologies have made Zema achieve these incredible results? Download the free infographic!

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e-commerce growth infographic

[infographic] Growth of e-commerce in Brazil | 2020

E-commerce has been standing out and growing every year, check out the growth of e-commerce in Brazil in 2020 and over the years!

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ebook shopping experience and customization

[e-book] Shopping experience and personalization in e-commerce

Discover how thousands of online stores are doing to personalize and elevate the shopping experience in an effective, simple and automated way.

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