F1 Commerce SmartHint integration

Installation tutorial

We created this tutorial to facilitate the integration of SmartHint in your online store F1 Commerce and show step by step each of the actions to be carried out so that our products appear on your website in a short time.

1. Create a SmartHint account

The first necessary step is to go to the website SmartHint and click Login. Then, click Create an account, in the bottom left corner. 

F1 Commerce SmartHint integration

Then fill in all the requested data and click on the button Inscrever-if.

2. Open a ticket on the F1 Commerce dashboard

After creating your store account on the SmartHint website, go to our panel, clickSee the little figure that appears in the upper right corner and then Manage Account

smarthint panel

That done, click the button Virtual store.

smarthint panel

On this page, select F1 Commerce and then copy the entire SmartHint script, as shown in the image below.

F1 Commerce SmartHint integration

With the code in copy, open a ticket on the F1 Commerce dashboard and paste this code from the script, asking for integration with our services. In the same call, ask them to send you the token (access key) of the application. 

3. Enter the application token in the SmartHint panel

When you receive the application token, return to the SmartHint panel, on the same page where you copied the script, and paste that token in the space reserved for that. Then just click Follow and ready.

integration f1 commerce smarthint


You installed our service and now we will load your products in a period that takes 4 to 24 hours. 

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