How to install SmartHint on your Tiendanube

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We created this tutorial to facilitate the installation of SmartHint in your virtual store Tiendanube and show all the steps so that our products can be found on your website in a short time.

1. List of applications

The first step to install SmartHint on your website is to go to the Tiendanube panel and click My applications in the menu on the left side, as if changing in the picture below.

Mis applications installation smarthint tiendanube

If you still have no application installed in your store, click here Install your first application.

If you have installed applications, click here See all applications.

smarthint tiendanube installation

2. Search for SmartHint

There is no time to look for the SmartHint application. You ought to know that there was no search engine on this page. SmartHint is in the “Marketing” section. I click on it when I find it.

smarthint tiendanube installation

3. Install application

After selecting and clicking on SmartHint, click on the button Install application.

smarthint tiendanube installation

Luego, to accept access permits, click here OK and start using.

4. SmartHint Mi cuenta

After accepting the permits, you will be redirected to the SmartHint panel, where you will be asked to inform the details of your listing. At the end, click here Register.

smarthint panel


You installed our service and now we will load your products in a period of 4 to 24 hours.

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