ISET SmartHint integration

Installation tutorial

Reading Time: 6 minutes

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We created this tutorial to facilitate the integration of SmartHint in your iSET virtual store and show step by step each of the actions to be carried out so that our products appear on your website in a short time.

1. iSET dashboard

The first step in installing SmartHint in your online store is to go to iSET panel. After that, in the menu on the left, click settings and then in Easy, as shown in the image below.

iset smarthint integration

2. SmartHint application

Then, on the apps page, scroll down until you find the SmartHint app. When you find it, click the button Install

iset smarthint integration

3. Data and installation

Now, you must fill in your details to register with SmartHint. At the end, you can enter the referral code of the person who referred you to SmartHint, if you have one. Then click on the install button to finish the process. 

registration integration smarthint iset


You installed our service and now we will load your products in a period that takes 4 to 24 hours. 

iset smarthint integration

Now, you can check the email entered in the registration to access the data regarding your login and password. With them in hand, access the SmartHint panel here and make the initial settings for the application to start working in your store. 

If there is a problem and you do not receive an email with this data, just enter the SmartHint website, click Login and then in I forgot my password. Enter your iSET email address used for registration and click Remember me. Then, a password reset request will be sent to that email.

SmartHint password reset panel

When making the password reset request, a link will be sent to the informed email. Open this link and enter a new password to access our service. After that, whenever you want to access the SmartHint panel, just enter the website, click on Login and enter the registered email and your new password.

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