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We created this tutorial to facilitate thereintegration of SmartHint at your online store Moovin and show step by step each of the actions to be carried out so that our products appear on your website in a short time.

1. App store

A Moovin is a platform that has a store page of complementary applications for your business, the Moovin Store

On the Moovin website, open Moovin Store and look for the application of SmartHint to be able to click on the Order / Install in your store.

Moovin SmartHint integration

After clicking Order / Install, the SmartHint application will appear installed at the top of the page and the activate e Setting will be visible.

2. Platform settings

The next step is to click settings and fill in all the fields described, save and wait for the green light of success.

Moovin panel

After that, return to the applications page and click activate. If there is an error in the registration, try to perform the activation process and save the data again. If the problem persists, send a photo of the screen similar to the image above to our support reporting the error.

3. Access to the SmartHint panel

To be able to access our panel and settings, enter the SmartHint website, click Login and then in I forgot my password. Enter the e-mail address used for registration. Then, a password reset request will be sent to this e-mail.

SmartHint password reset panel

When making the password reset request, a link will be sent to the informed email. Open this link and enter a new one password to access our service. After that, whenever you want to access the SmartHint panel, just enter the website, click on Login and enter the registered email and your new password.


You installed our service and now we will load your products in a period that takes 4 to 24 hours. 

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