Search speed: 5 reasons to invest in it

Search speed and online sales: do you know the relationship between them? At online sales, as well as anything else that is done in Internet, are very disputed. Therefore, to stand out, entrepreneurs invest in numerous strategies. But there is something simple that can be done to increase them: invest in speed of the tool of search of your e-commerce.   

Studies reveal that 60% of online sales are carried out by users who have used the search field. And it’s easy to understand why this happens: consumers using the search engine are the most determined, those who already know what they want. They just need to find what they are looking for. Is fast.

Na Internet, everyone wants everything “for yesterday”, the faster, the better. According to a survey conducted by Akamai in partnership with Forrester Consulting, for example, 47% of consumers want pages to load in less than two seconds. And, according to more in-depth research by Amazon, every 100 milliseconds of delay sales drop 1%.

So it is important that the Your store's search engine is also fast. Have you ever imagined losing a sale and even the customer because the product was slow to appear? 

Thinking about it, we separated 5 reasons for you to understand why you should invest in the speed of the search field your online store to increase your online sales. Check it out!

1. Improve your online store ranking on Google

The loading speed of pages and interactions is one of Google’s main criteria for rank the sites, as this directly influences the quality of user experience and, for Google, the most important thing is always the user.

2. Your website traffic increases

If the ranking your site on Google improves, traffic increases. It is a logical consequence, as the chances of your online store appearing at the top of the search is bigger and, consequently, of users clicking too. 

3. The conversion rate grows

When the customer is decided, he enters the shop, go straight to search tool and type in the product you are looking for. If he finds it soon, the chances of make the purchase and with that, the conversion rate increases

4. You attract competitors' customers

Imagine if that customer decided to look for a product on the competitor's website, but the search page took too long to load. Do you know what he does? Impatient, he leaves this store and goes looking for what he wants in another. According to research conducted by Akamai and Forrester Consulting, 64% of users look for another site if something takes too long to load. And this other site could be just yours! If the search tool is fast, of course. 

5. Your brand is associated with a positive image

If the user enters your site and succeeds quickly find the products what are you looking for, there are high chances of make the purchase. But even if you don't buy it, it will stay satisfied with the site agility and, even if unconsciously, it will associate your brand with a positive image. When you need to buy another product, you will certainly remember your store and can return or even refer to other people. 

So, will you want to invest in speed in the search tool of your virtual store? THE smart search da SmartHint can help you with that and more. Talk to us!

Written by: Tania d'Arc


Tânia d'Arc

Tânia d'Arc

Graduated in letters and post-graduated in digital media, she is passionate about words, communication and details.
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