How to do a satisfaction survey? Step by step and templates

Fetch the Clients satisfaction it is an indispensable step for any company that wants to grow in a sustainable and scalable way. However, to know if this objective is being achieved, learn how to do a satisfaction survey it is fundamental. 

This is because, through customer satisfaction surveys, the company is able to check the quality level of EXPERIENCE that the consumer lives with it

At the same time, it can identify needs for change in different aspects of this relationship. 

But after all, how to do a satisfaction survey? Keep reading and find out!

How to make a coherent and efficient satisfaction survey?

According to 1st Financial Training Services, 96% of dissatisfied customers don't complain of companies, but 91% stop buying. When carrying out a satisfaction survey, however, the organization offers them the opportunity to open up, before terminating the relationship. 

However, it is essential that this research is well conducted. Otherwise, you will not know the real reasons for your audience's dissatisfaction. Therefore, you will not be able to offer a good EXPERIENCE to him. 

 To help you with this, we created this simple step-by-step guide: 

1) Define the research objective

2) Establish the application channel

3) Bet on closed and objective questions 

4) Analyze the information

5) Make the necessary improvements

Understand each step in detail below. 

1) Define the research objective

The satisfaction survey to be applied will analyze the consumer experience with which area of ​​the company? What is the quality of service? Is it the ease of the purchase process? The usability of e-commerce? The success that person got with the product or service?

Understanding what will be measured and evaluated is essential so that the data collected can really be translated into information.

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    2) Establish the application channel

    It is important to indicate what the search channel And that depends a lot on her goal. 

    If the focus is to evaluate a telephone service offered to a customer who called the company, the survey can be applied at the end of the support, still using the telephone as a channel.

    An example of questions for a satisfaction survey in this situation could be: “What grade would you give to the quality of service offered by the attendant, with 1 being terrible and 5 being excellent?”. 

    Other types of surveys can be carried out by email and even by company chat, including channels such as WhatsApp and SMS. 

    3) Bet on closed and objective questions 

    When carrying out a satisfaction survey, companies expect the lead to respond, after all, simply sending the question does not contribute to organizational management and its improvement. 

    To increase the response rate, it is recommended that the survey presents only one to three questions, all of which are multiple choice. 

    In this way, the user perceives that it will be fast, which contributes to the increase in response rates. 

    4) Analyze the information

    With the data in hand, the company needs tabulate the results, analyze the information and identify whether the problems are one-off or global, that is, if there is a failure of the company in some process or if there was an individual dissatisfaction. 

    One-off dissatisfactions also need to be considered as a problem that must be eliminated. But when there is a global problem, that is, when many users are dissatisfied, this requires more urgent and serious measures. 

    If the company follows the step-by-step guide on how to carry out a satisfaction survey, it will have a very direct and assertive answer about a clear problem that is hindering the experience of its consumers. Then, there is an increase in search speed for the solution, considering the right point of the problem. 

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    5) Make the necessary improvements

    Considering the problematic points, it is essential that the organization acts in order to solve them. 

    Having the company's customers as a source of information will speed up the process of identifying and applying changes.

    Therefore, the objective is for the company to solve its problems more quickly, increasing consumer satisfaction faster, increasing retention and, of course, generating more financial feedback.

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      Examples of satisfaction survey

      There are some examples of satisfaction surveys that can be used by all companies to monitor the quality of EXPERIENCE of its consumers. Check out two examples below.

      NPS (net promoter score)

      NPS is the acronym for net promoter score and works from the application of a single question to customers: “How likely are you to recommend this company to your friends and family?".

      Then, an ruler with grades from 0 to 10 as evaluation options. According to the answers, customers are separated into three types of consumers:

      • Detractors (scores from 0 to 6);
      • Neutrals (grades 7 and 8);
      • Promoters (grades 9 and 10).


      Detractors are buyers who have had very negative experiences with the company and may even negatively influence other people. They are dissatisfied and you need to understand the reason behind it.


      Neutral customers didn't have a good or bad experience, however, they don't talk about the brand or are loyal to it. As much as it is not something as bad as what happens to detractors, the objective in this case should be improve that experience e get good results from that. 


      Promoter clients are loyal customers who are satisfied with the brand and talk openly about it. In this case, the objective of companies should be to broaden the range of promoting customers so that they can take advantage of and expand the benefits of retention and positive word of mouth. 

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      CSAT (customer satisfaction score)

      CSAT is the acronym for customer satisfaction score or customer satisfaction score. 

      This is another type of satisfaction survey, similar to NPS, but with some peculiarities.

      CSAT also measures satisfaction on a ruler. For example: "from 0 to 5, what is your level of satisfaction with the company?"

      However, the questions for this type of satisfaction survey can vary greatly, making this very flexible method and can be adapted for different satisfaction assessments, such as:

      • “from 0 to 5, how well did the contracted solution meet your expectations?”
      • “from 0 to 5, how much was your problem solved in the service?”

      How to encourage the customer to respond to a satisfaction survey? 

      Realize that there are many ways to collect the information to measure the level of customer satisfaction. None of the models presented requires large investments, but they are capable of bringing many benefits to the organization. 

      Therefore, it is necessary encourage the customer to respond the proposed satisfaction survey. Some ways to do this are: betting on a persuasive text with mental triggers, which convinces you of the importance of answering it; and offer some freebie or reward for participating.

      In conjunction with satisfaction surveys, use a tech to improve customer experience in different business areas.

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      Rodrigo Schiavini

      Rodrigo Schiavini

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