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Do you already know SmartHint tools? Do you know what they are for and how they impact online sales? SmartHint is the bigger and more used intelligent search and recommendation system for e-commerce From Latin America

The main focus is raise the shopping experience online around the world, and this has been proven through the increase in the number of pages accessed per session, increase in the average time of each session e reduced bounce rate of the stores that use its services. 

SmartHint's biggest differentiator is the constant innovation through the use of artificial intelligence, technology present in the three tools:

  • Smart search
  • Recommendation showcases
  • Retention Pop-ups   
  • Hotsites  

  In this post, we will explain how each of them works and acts within virtual stores. 

Smart search

A smart search from SmartHint is innovativebecause, through high technology, it unites essential features to facilitate and optimize the search for products within the virtual store, such as: 

  • velocity; 
  • phonetic similarity;
  • search for color;
  • behavioral search;
  • voice search;
  • search by image.

Let's understand how these characteristics look in depth.


A speed is one of the main features of SmartHint's intelligent search. With it, you can find products within the virtual store in milliseconds. 

It is not autocomplete, the tool shows the results as you type, that's why they appear so fast.

Phonetic similarity

Another differential of SmartHint's intelligent search is the phonetic similarity. This means that she finds the products in the store even if the person misspelled the word. 

For example, if she is looking for an "oil" but types "olio", artificial intelligence recognizes the similarity between the sounds and finds the results, despite the different spelling.


Search by color

An interesting feature of SmartHint's search is the color search, through image recognition. This is a common way of looking for a product, but the customer is not always able to find that “red wallet” he is looking for, because the results show many types of wallets and different colors. 

With SmartHint's intelligent search, this is possible, as intelligence recognizes the color of the image, even if the information is not being informed in the registered name or in the product description.

Behavioral search

As with SmartHint's shop windows, the search user navigation analysis, that is, it takes into account everything he does while on the site: clicks, searches, etc. 

Thus, with the behavioral search, to the search for products becomes Custom. PFor example, if he searched the store for black dresses a few days ago, even if he only types “dress” in the search field, the first results will be black dresses, compatible with what he had previously shown interest in. With that, the chance of making the purchase becomes much greater.

behavioral search cris barros

Voice search

To voice search, consumers have much more agility and ease in the search for products, as they can search for items without having to type anything, just using their voice. Just click on the microphone icon and say what you want. It is a great resource for foreign products and / or with names that are difficult to write.

See, in the example below, that the consumer is looking for pinot noir wine, of French origin. Because she did not know exactly which spelling was correct, she used voice search. Note that even when pronouncing the word in the wrong way, the right products were found, because artificial intelligence, through speech recognition, identifies the phonena and the different forms of pronunciation. 

Search by image

To image search it is much easier to search for specific products with more assertiveness, as the customer can send a photo of what they want or even take a photo on the spot. This is possible once again because of image recognition done by artificial intelligence.

The customer simply goes to the search field, clicks on the photo icon and loads the image of the object he wants to search for. Also, if he wants to search for more than one piece in the image, just select what he wants to search, as shown in the image below.

diesel image search

Recommendation showcases

SmartHint's recommendation windows act like an experienced salesmanbecause they recommend products based on user navigation.

This ensures that most relevant products appear for him in personalized windows, such as “Most viewed”, “Who bought it, took it too”, “What other customers are seeing”, “Recommended for you” etc. 

standalone virtual showcase

With them, even the “Launches” showcase is adequate according to the consumer's taste

But your big differential is that they are standalone virtual showcases, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence. That is, they organize and position themselves de Automatic mode inside the store, without the need for a specific analyst to configure them. 

The update process is much faster and more efficient as the intelligence makes analyzes in real time, verifies which products and positions are most appropriate for each customer and most likely to convert.

This is a great advantage in relation to shop windows without intelligence, which need professionals to carry out the analysis, tests, wait for the results and only then configure them.

Retention Pop-ups

Os pop-ups SmartHint help customer retention e decrease the abandonment of strollers, because they appear in strategic places and moments of the user's navigation. 

There are three types of pop-ups: 

  • Do not go away: appears on the home page when the customer approaches the exit bar and shows a showcase of products with the intention of keeping the customer on the website.
  • Lightning Promotion: appears on the products page and shows a promotion with a countdown timer: counting creates urgency and makes the customer take the initiative to finalize the purchase.
  • Last chance: works more or less like the “Lightning Promotion”, with discount coupon and countdown timer, and appears when the customer demonstrates that he is going to abandon the shopping cart. 
smarthint tools - retention pop-ups


O hotsite is a exclusive page that you can create to promote something and capture the attention of consumers, with a direct focus on sales conversion.

With SmartHint, you can customize e customize the hotsite according to the strategy you want, such as: 

  • give a custom title;
  • insert banners;
  • add the products you want;
  • add recommendation windows;
  • add filters.

See this example of a hotsite created by Vinho Fácil, focused on promoting and highlighting the best-selling products:


Além disso, é simple to configure and you can create how many hotsites you want!

Do like so many other brands, elevate your store's shopping experience and increase the sales conversion from your website with SmartHint!

Written by: Tania d'Arc

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