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  1. Presentation and settings

This site is owned, maintained, and operated by SMARTHINT Tecnologia Ltda - ME, with address at Rua Luiz Manzochi, 98, enrolled with CNPJ / MF under no. 27.146.750 / 0001-22, and email address contato@smarthint.com.br.

This document lists the terms and conditions that must be observed by the client in the use of the Site, its tools and its functionalities.

SMARTHIT grants access to and use of the Site to any Users.

The User declares to have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions of Use and Policies before starting to use the Site.

If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions of Use, you will not be allowed access to restricted areas of the Site.

For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions of Use, as well as the Policies, the terms below shall have the following meanings:

Customers. Users who have completed the registration and hold an Access Account;

Purchase. Transaction through which a Customer acquires the service offered on the Site, upon payment of the value of the service;

Access Account. Credential defined by the user email (login) and password of a registered visitor (Customer), personal and non-transferable, that allows access to the restricted area and the exclusive functionalities in the Site, such as access and change of personal data, recommendations panels, among others;


Brand. Any distinctive signs owned by and / or licensed to SMARTHINT that are used in the identification of the Site, its content or service provided by SMARTHINT.

Policies. The complementary policies integrate these Terms and Conditions of Use;

Intellectual Property of SMARTHINT. All intellectual property owned by SMARTHINT from any company belonging to its economic group or third party whose use is licensed and / or authorized to SMARTHINT, including but not limited to Trademarks, patents, inventions or utility models, industrial designs, know-how, business secrets, illustrations, photographs and / or contents from any screen of the Site or any intellectual works or other content that is included in any intellectual work or any property protected by intellectual property rights . Site. The property website, maintained and operated by SMARTHINT, hosted in the domains [smarthint.com.br / smarthint.co] and all the pages included therein; and

Users. Anyone accessing the Site, including anonymous visitors and Customers.

2. Site usage rules

The User agrees to use the Site respecting and observing these Terms and Conditions of Use, as well as the current legislation, customs and public order. In this way, the User agrees that he will not be able to: (i) harm the rights of third parties, regardless of their nature, at any time, including during the use of the Site; (ii) perform acts that limit or prevent access to and use of the Site, under appropriate conditions, to other Users; (iii) illegally accessing the Site or third-party computer systems related to the Site or to SMARTHINT under any means or form; (iv) disseminate computer programs or viruses that may cause harm of any nature, including SMARTHINT's or third party equipment and systems; (v) use mechanisms other than those expressly authorized or recommended on the Site to obtain information, content and services; (vi) perform any acts that may in any way imply any loss or damage to SMARTHINT or other Users; (vii) access to programming areas of the Site, databases or any other set of information that escapes the public or restricted areas of the Site; (viii) perform or permit reverse engineering, translate, modify, change language, compile, decompile, modify, reproduce, lease, sub lease, disclose, transmit, distribute, use or otherwise dispose of the Site or the tools and features made available in any medium or form, including in violation of the rights of SMARTHINT (including Intellectual Property of SMARTHINT) and / or third parties; (ix) engage in or engage in any act that constitutes a violation of any right of SMARTHINT (including Intellectual Property of SMARTHINT) or third parties or any applicable law, or act in any way or means that may contribute to such breach; (x) interfere with security or commit improper use of the Site or any system, network or service feature connected or accessible through the Site, and accessing the Site only for lawful and authorized purposes; (xi) use the domain of SMARTHINT to create links or shortcuts to be made available in unsolicited emails (spam messages) or on websites of third parties or the User himself or to carry out any type of action that may harm SMARTHINT or third parties; (xii) to use automated data collection and selection applications to perform mass operations or for any purpose, or to collect and transfer any data that may be extracted from the Site for non-permitted or unlawful purposes, (xiii) to use the tools and features of the Site to disseminate messages not related to the Site or the purposes of the Site, including messages of a racist, ethnic, political, religious, cultural or derogatory, defamatory and / or libelous nature of any person or social group. The User agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless SMARTHINT from any claim, notice, summons or judicial or extrajudicial action, or any liability, damage, cost or expense arising from any breach and / or infringement committed by the User or any person acting on your behalf, with your consent or tolerance, in relation to the Site (including any provision of these Terms and Conditions of Use), including any person who has obtained User data relating to your Access Account or your browser Site. SMARTHINT may, in its sole discretion, block, restrict, disable or prevent the access of any User to the Site, in whole or in part, without prior notice, whenever an inappropriate conduct of the User is detected, without prejudice to administrative, extrajudicial measures and judicial decisions it deems appropriate.

3. Customer registration

To gain access to the complete content and all the tools and functionality of the Site, the User must create an Account with personal and / or business data, which will be stored and used for identification, to be used under the terms of the Personal Data, privacy item 4 of this Agreement), and it being understood that the creation of each Account presupposes express consent to the collection, use, storage and processing of personal or company data by SMARTHINT and / or third parties contracted by SMARTHINT to perform any procedure or process related to the service, including behavioral information processing, sales, etc. Each Client is allowed to create only one Access Account and SMARTHINT reserves the right to suspend or cancel any Access Accounts in duplicate.

Upon completing your Access Account, the Client declares that the information provided is complete, true, current and accurate, and it is your responsibility to update your Access Account data whenever there is a change of name, address or any other relevant information.

SMARTHINT may refuse, suspend or terminate a Customer's Access Account whenever it suspects that the information provided is false, incomplete, outdated or inaccurate or as otherwise indicated in the applicable laws and regulations, these Terms and Conditions or any Policy Website, even if previously accepted. It is the sole responsibility of the Client to maintain the confidentiality of the user name and / or the access password relating to his / her Access Account, and the Client shall immediately notify SMARTHINT in case of loss, disclosure or theft of the password or non-use your Account. Minors (under 18 years old) may not use the Site unless they are represented and / or assisted by their parents or legal guardians and authorized by them at the time of creation of the Account. The execution of an Account on behalf of a minor presupposes the representation of this minor by a person over 18 years, who shall be held civilly and criminally liable for any Purchase made, violation committed or false, incomplete, outdated or inaccurate statement provided by the minor 18 years.

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