VTEX SmartHint integration

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We created this tutorial to facilitate thereintegration of SmartHint at your online store VTEX and show step by step each of the actions to be performed so that our tool starts working on your site. Check out. 

1. Registration with SmartHint

If you don't have an account at SmartHint, the first step is to access the SmartHint, go on Login e create your account. It is very important that you fill in all the fields and follow the next steps until you access our main panel. Once in the main panel, click on the first icon in the upper left corner and select Manage Account, as shown in the image below.

smarthint panel

2. Configure Platform

By clicking on Manage Account, you will be redirected to a settings page where you must click the button Virtual store, located in the lower left corner.

smarthint panel

We then have a page for selecting and configuring the platform used. Select VTEX API and follow the steps to GTM script installation. It is very important that the script is inserted on all pages (including checkout pages).

VTEX SmartHint integration

3. VTEX token (recommended)

The next step is not mandatory, only in cases where the API is not authorizing access or at the request of our support team.

Most of the process takes place inside the VTEX panel: just login and look in the left sidebar for Account configurations > Account Management> Accounts. Click on the account from which you want to obtain the token.

vtex panel

In the security section, click Generate access key and secret.

VTEX panel

Fill in the field below with a name and click Generate new secrets:

VTEX SmartHint integration

Then copy the generated key:

VTEX SmartHint integration

With the key in copy, go back to the SmartHint tab on the last page we opened, paste the key in Token App and enter the key name in App Key. Don't forget to click Follow to save all the data entered.

SmartHint panel


You installed our service and now we will load your products in a period that takes 4 to 24 hours. 


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