Since 2008, we are a solutions agency for companies of all sizes and also industries. With strong governance in Internet brand marketing consulting, Tdzain operates throughout the Brazilian territory.

Our business model is very simple: we sell incredible services. The commitment is to help our clients become more and more competitive in the segments and niches that they operate.

The essence of Tdzain is in the focused approach, we minimize the old “air bridges” created around your business. Our technology platform generates an accelerator in your learning curve, potentially reducing the objections and risks to your online business.

This essence combined with a pool of expertise that we add to your business, makes all our efforts are directed to your company achieving results on the internet. Together we can connect qualified consumers to your business with professionalism, intelligence and increased sales.

Contato: +55 (41) 4063-8879 – (21) 4063-8506 – (11) 4063-7818
Região: Pinhais – PR