The Power Of Smart Recommendations. Diesel Case Study

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The Power Of Smart Recommendations. Diesel Case Study

Main Challenges

  • Provide personalized recommendations based on customer visitors previous actions, demographics and other personal data.
  • Increase conversion rate.
  • Increase website traffic and boost online sales.


conversion rate



About The Client

Diesel is an innovative international lifestyle company, producing a wide-ranging collection of jeans, clothing, and accessories. Since its creation in 1978, Diesel has experienced extraordinary growth and has evolved from being a leading pioneer in denim into the world of premium casual wear, becoming a true alternative to the established luxury market. Diesel produces no less than 3,000 new products every season and each one derives from a process of enormous creative freedom, ensuring constant innovation.

In recent years Diesel has evolved into the world of premium casual wear, becoming a true alternative to the established luxury market.

Diesel thrives on change: every new product derives from a process of enormous creative freedom, ensuring constant innovation. The collections include Diesel, Diesel Black Gold and Diesel Kid.

Diesel is not just apparel and denim: it’s a lifestyle, which has been interpreted through licenses with leading brands to develop watches and jewelry (with Fossil), eyewear (with Marcolin), fragrances (with L’Oreal), helmets (with AGV), strollers (with Bugaboo), and a complete Living Collection (with Moroso – furniture, Foscarini – lighting, Scavolini – Diesel social kitchen, Seletti – tableware and Berti – wooden flooring).

Diesel is a truly worldwide organization. It is present in more than 80 countries with 5,000 points of sale, including more than 400 company-owned stores.

The Challenge

Online shopper all over the world prefers to purchase from websites providing the interactive user experience. Here’s why product recommendations are a crucial part of any successful online store. With the help of SmartHint recommendation system Diesel’ customers enjoys personalized recommendations based on their previous actions, demographics and personal data. Now Diesel present products more attractive and seamless.

Diesel has an audience that understands receiving personalized recommendations matching what they are looking for as an incentive to actually buy the item. SmartHint recommendation system uses artificial intelligence to identify a consumer’s shopping profile. That’s the main reason SmartHint understands behavior interaction of Diesel’s website visitors from the time they visit the website, until the time they leave it.

How SmartHint Helped

SmartHint recommendation engine mainly runs on data provided by customers. You don’t need to make market research to know what your customers are willing to buy at the online shop, what are their preferred products etc. All this hard work is done by recommendation engine and machine learning algorithms. So Let’s see how SmartHint helped Diesel to achieve its goals.

High Revenue – SmartHint Personalized recommendations impact on high conversion rates than non-personalized product recommendations. SmartHint identified a consumer’s shopping profile, offer a personalized recommendation to customers.

Customer Satisfaction – SmartHint Improves Diesel customer experience. Most of the time, customers tend to look at their last browsing history, to find out better products. When they leave the site and come back later, it’s very helpful that their customer profile match data is still available. Here is how it’s shown at Diesel website.

Personalized recommendations – We often take into consideration friends and family recommendations, because we trust them. They know what we like better than anyone else. So, in the same way, SmartHint product recommendation engine uses Content-based filtering to show products that “You may also like”. The main idea is that you like a product, then you’ll also like “similar” products. As the user takes more actions on the website, the recommendation engine becomes more and more accurate.

More sales – Smart recommendation provide customers accurate product recommendation which is similar to what they already like. Generally, people like to be recommended what they would like, and for sure this kind of recommendations boost website sales and retaining traffic.


Results of Diesel with SmartHint:

SmartHint strives to deliver the best result to its customers. As a result, Diesel earned +128,57% more conversion rate after SmartHint integration to its website, which is +30,20% of the whole revenue. This considerable result was achieved in 1 month after SmartHint was integrated to the website, and the numbers are increasing month by month.

Install and setup SmartHint on your online store right now!

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    Sobre o Autor:

    Fundador e diretor de negócios da SmartHint, também é diretor regional Paraná da ABComm, com mais de 10 anos de experiência em comércio eletrônico para grandes marcas dos mais variados segmentos.