Best Recommendation

The recommendation panels promote the presentation of suitable products to the navigation profile of each e-consumer.

Learning Machine

Our database stores thousands of different profiles, considering their tastes and desires. Through complex algorithms (Deep Learning / Learning Machine). We do the exact profile match based on our pre-knowledge about their styles.

Install It Easily and Enjoy

Install the navigation script and easily setup the panels as you like, in order to bring maximum performance in sales for your online store.


Recommendation system increase sales.


Try it for 7 days free! Setup this solution in your virtual store, it's easy and simple. No contract! You can stop whenever you...

Partnership Program

SmartHint Partnership Program It is focused on e-Commerce Platforms, however, any company or e-Commerce independent consulting professional can subscribe in the program. The Partner...


Try it for 7 days free!


Ademilson Martins, NetCalçados CEO

Analysing the SmartHint charts, it's easy to see the conversion rate increase and more important, the growth sales .

Tadeu Nogueira, Pens And Dolls CEO

The SmartHint recommendation panel turns the webstore more interactive, it showing products in the customer interest way based at the consumer behavior and the others consumers visits, always considering which that might interest to consumer in the real time.

Recommendation System and Amazon's Secrets

Facebook, Google and Apple knows about the users. Truth is, Amazon may know more. And the massive retailer, using the recommendation system, proves it everyday. The Amazon's recommender system is based on a number of simple elements: What the user bought, which items are saved at his "wish list", items that […]