The personalized display
of your online store.

The personalized display
of your online store.

E-commerce Recommendation System

The same Artificial Intelligence of the greatest retail sales websites in the world

Smarthint’s recommendation displays promotions that fit the navigation profile of each customer.
Behavioral popups are triggered at the exact moment of the buying decision, arousing the feeling of impulse purchasing.
Treats every client as if they are unique! Presents new releases, special offers or best-selling products in a customized way.
You can install Smarthint in your virtual store within 2 simple steps. You don’t need to know coding, not even agencies’ intervention.
+ 9000
+ 20
+ 25
+ 200
Million IN SALES!

Do you want to see your sales increasing?

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Smarthint’s installation is easy and simple.

Partnership program

Do you work for an e-Commerce agency? Implement Smarthint right now for your clients.

Entrepreneurs’ word

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“Smarthint surprised us with its great results on the first 30 days, offering not only the best browsing experience to our clients, but a healthy business model to our company.”

Lucas Fernandes

“Our site was really slow, we weren’t selling a lot, so we decided to take Smarthint’s 7-day-trial and it was the best thing we did. We sold an average of 30 orders per week, now this is our average daily order.”

Elisabeth Cardoso

I had already seen this system on some online stores and I decided to test Smarthint’s platform in Global Sinos, it was free initially and still during trial I had a significant increase in sales. Today, over 30% of Global Sinos’ sales are through Smarthint’s recommendations.” 

Ronaldo Lumertz

“With a high display customization’s capacity, Smarthint is a solution that is aligned with our company’s goal: seek the best shopping experience for our clients and consequently over 50% of the sales are done through this technology.”

André Prestes

“The main point is that Smarthint is a tool that converts a lot, we saw our sales grow 25% on the first month and it keeps growing, rise of the average ticket and fall of the cart’s leave. Besides having a great support team which is always ready to help us extract the best out of the platform.”

Igor Trombini

“A program full of content made for you to improve your online sales.”

Rodrigo Schiavini

“To me Smarthint is a tool that delivers what it promises. We ecommerce owners have many service offers, but for something to work it is necessary that we make less mistakes than we get things right.  And Smarthint was the best tool I’ve ever hired, because it gave me fast and effective results. Smarthint is affordable, and it delivers what it promises.”

Deise Torres

“On the first month we had a 20% profit increase and we already upgraded our subscription plan. In the second month, we grew 60%. We had two more upgrades and the results keep increasing.”


“As soon as we activated Smarthint, on the very first 5 days we had already sold more than we usually sold on 3 months using any other tool.”

Fábio Luís


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