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"The tool takes care of the product variations at home and then I can focus my energies on other things.
Any and all manual / mechanical work an entrepreneur does has to be reviewed, he needs to take time for what really matters! If there is a tool that does for you what you have been doing manually, you are wasting time and money. "
Gabriel Bollico, CEO | ShopB

"SmartHint surprised us with great results as early as the first 30 days, while providing a better browsing experience for our customers, a healthy business model for our company."

Lucas Fernandes, CEO | NewLentes
André Prestes

"With high capacity for storefront customization, SmartHint is a solution aligned with our company's goal: seek the best shopping experience for our customers and consequently more than XNUMX% of sales are made through technology." '

André Prestes, CEO | DepStore

"We are very pleased with the efficiency and excellent cost benefit that SmartHint has brought us, considering the monthly investment we make versus the return that the tool has provided we can say without a doubt that is the best ROI of all.

Paulo Morais, Director | Milligram

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